Alpine + Snugs Test

Alpine Hearing Protection – 10 person test of Snugs with Alpine Filter.

To Order follow the following steps and links.
Step 2:  Order completed using the voucher code: AlpineNL – select any colour and any earphone.
Step 3:  Receive 6-digit code by mail?
Step 4:  Go to >
Step 5:  Add 6-digit code
Step 6:  Take photos of your ears using the fitting card
Step 7:   Snugs does the rest and delivers test samples for evaluation
Due to high current demand and Covid supply issues we will put your order behind paying customers.
We will tell you the expected delivery date once we have received all 10 pairs of test ear photos.

Then we will make your Snugs to fit either your Ellipse filter or the Party Plug filter encasement.

We will send all 10 pairs in one consignment.