Cassell The Beatmaker Musician - songwriter, drummer, producer

A bit about Cassell

Cassell The Beatmaker, winner of a prestigious Ivor Novello Award for song writing with Plan B, is a world-renowned drummer and producer. Based in London, Cassell has also worked with artists such as Ady Suleiman, The Streets, John Newman and Duffy.

At the start of his career, Cassell received a grant from the Prince’s Trust, which helped him realise his ambition to become a producer. This shaped his view of an artist’s responsibility to help and inspire those who come next. In 2016, Cassell launched ‘In The Making’ an artist development scheme, aimed at providing support to young artists on all elements of a musicians career. For more information see www.inthemaking.com.

Cassell Chooses: Snugs Only and Snugs Flight

Cassell The Beatmaker on Snugs

"My in-ears need to be reliable and good quality - they can’t let me down in the middle of a gig or I’m in trouble. My Snugs fit so well in the ear. They retain all the frequencies so I’m get the best sound to help me perform."

Cassell's greatest achievements

Ivor Novello award for song writing, travelling the world with my music, working with the likes of Jeff Beck, Plan B, The Streets and Akala, being able to inspire young artists is a privilege and a pleasure.

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