Charlie Brackpool Team GB Kayaker

A bit about Charlie

Charlie Brackpool has been kayaking since he was 14. Now aged 20, Charlie has already competed for Team GB for 4 years in the Freestyle Kayaking division.

"Freestyle Kayaking is a fast-paced dynamic sport, the best way to describe is to say it is like freestyle snowboarding but in a kayak! You have 45 seconds to do as many tricks as possible on a section of white water. How many points you score depends on the difficulty of the trick. On top of this you can score bonus points depending how much air you can get and if you don't use your paddles to complete a trick."

Charlie is currently training for the Freestyle Kayaking World Championships which take place in San Juan this November and December.

Charlie Chooses: Snugs Aqua

Snugs Aqua

Charlie Brackpool

"It is essential to protect your ears in cold water to prevent surfer’s ear and other ear damage. Snugs are perfect as they not only completely block out the water but they also let me listen to my favourite tracks while I’m training. A must have piece of kit for any watersports fan."

Charlie’s greatest achievements

Currently world ranking of 20th, Competed for Team GB in 2017, 2015 and 2014 / 5th in the Junior World Championships in 2015 / 2nd in the Cardiff Open in 2017 and 6th at the German Championships in 2017.

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