Tom Court Professional Kitesurfer

A bit about Tom

Tom Court was born and raised on the Isle of Wight in the UK. After learning to windsurf at an early age he was introduced to Kitesurfing in 1999. Ever since that day, Tom has been an enthusiastic ‘Kiter’ and has quickly made his mark on the PKRA Kiteboarding world tour, winning the UK under 18’s championship in his first year of competition.

Tom is now an international rider for North Kiteboarding and is well known for pushing the sport through his online video productions and powerful riding style. His goal is to showcase kiteboarding at its best and represent the brands that support him through his individual style and unique approach both on and off the water.

Tom Chooses

Tom Court on Snugs

"I have always been into music and spend a lot of time on airplanes, so noise cancelling headphones have always been a must. But it wasn't until I tried Snugs that I realised how amazing custom-fit in-ear earphones feel and sound. I particularly love the Snugs Aqua model that I can wear while kitesurfing."

Tom’s greatest achievements

Junior BKSA Champion 2002
BKSA British Champion 2003
BKSA Animal Windfest 2009
Battle for the Lake, Achill Ireland 2014

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