Tom Seager Professional Kiteboarder

A bit about Tom

Tom Seager is a 14 year old kiteboarder who was crowned Junior British Champion in 2014, aged only 11. Tom started flying power kites aged 5, he quickly progressed to land boarding and finally began kiteboarding with his parents at his local beach in West Sussex, aged only 7.

“My parents have always been into water sports and I have been lucky enough to live by (and love) the ocean all my life. From age 7 it was my ambition to become a professional kiteboarder and I have worked extremely hard to learn my craft. I am now lucky enough to be attending a World Class Kiteboarding Academy that allows me to travel to the best surfing spots in the world and follow my passion full time.”

Tom Chooses Snugs Aqua

Tom Seager on Snugs

"I love riding with my Snugs, because when I’m doing tricks and riding really hard I can listen to motivational music and it makes me push myself much more."

Tom’s greatest achievements

2014 Junior British Champion

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