The very idea of ​​a new role-playing system Skyrim implies the need to choose, choose a path of development. Moreover, this choice can not be called neither simple, nor easy, nor trivial. At the same time, many questions in character development concern perks in The Elder Scrolls 5, which significantly strengthened the role of skills and somewhat constrained the freedom of development of heroes Previously, the TES series games made it possible to grow a true versatile person out of his beloved character who was equally good at both magic and thieves, while in close combat, your hero of legends could chop more than a dozen enemies into stacks. The solution was simple – uniform development of skills, including non-core ones. As a result, the level of the hero grew slower than his real strength, and the leveling system (complicating the game with increasing character level) acted weaker.

What do we get in Skyrim, where skills have become much more important, and the leveling system has been disabled, as the developers have repeatedly stated. Since the system of complicating the game with the growth of the level of the hero has been affected, then a few words cannot be said about it.

The fact that now there is no that undisguised growth in the strength of opponents simply with an increase in the level of the Skyrim hero is a fact, and this fact is purely positive and joyful for fans of the TES series. This can not but rejoice, since the leveling system itself killed all the interest from the level growth and character development in the same Oblivion. Why should it develop if it becomes not only not easier to play, but maybe more difficult. Now, in Skyrim, everything has become different, and each level increase is a holiday, which can be used to study perks and small tricks, which I already considered on, for example, in the article “Level increase in Skyrim during the battle”. However, it is obvious that The Elder Scrolls 5 still follows the character level, adjusting some aspects, for example, the assortment of merchants in Skyrim. Despite this, I could not find anything wrong with that, such attention from Skyrim does not seem excessive and annoying anymore.


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