BE BEACH said about Snugs:

Snugs Earphones are discreet, custom fitted ear moulds that deliver the most delicious sound of crisp vocals and heavy bass. They are robust, secure and even available in waterproof so you can take pleasure in your sounds even when surfing. They cancel all background noise (yes that includes the screaming child next to you on the plane) and are the perfect travel and action companion. Plugging into all devices, you can have as much or as little noise as you could possible want in your life or activity.”



There’s a revolution coming ….. a Snugs Sound Revolution.

Snugs, dubbed “….probably the world’s best consumer in-ear headphones” are going –  WIRELESS

Wireless, perfect fit, no sound bleed AND Full Sensaround sound, through in-ear headphones. Is this someone’s wish list? See it become a reality very soon on, you can pre-order or just make a donation to the Snugs Sound Revolution.



When Beats headphones first came onto the UK market they retailed for £269. Now the man who was part of that success has just launched a pair of $300 Earbuds? This is great news for Snugs as it shows that the premium market is starting to mature. Snugs success is going to be partially down to timing and with the market expanding so quickly – Snugs is riding just in front of the crest of the earphone wave.

Snugs as has been approved by HM Revenue & Customs for Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. This means that investors who invest unto £150,000 in Snugs and hold the shares for three years, get full tax relief on their investment.

What is SEIS – Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme?

SEIS is an incredibly generous derivative of the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and was introduced in April 2012. Its aim is to encourage seed investment in early stage companies. Investors, including directors, can receive initial tax relief of 50% on investments up to £100,000 and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exemption for any gains on the SEIS shares.

The maximum amount to be raised for each company is £150,000.

For more information about the SEIS scheme then follow the link below to where it very well explained with examples:

Jonathan Margolis is the gadget guru for British Airways Business Life magazine and has done a lovely review of how good Snugs are when traveling in the “Lust Haves” section. Snugs custom-fitted earphones are “A wonderful alternative to noise cancelling headphones on a flight”.


Snugs get a great 9 out of 10 review in the Gear section of Runner’s World magazine, June 2014.
“…. even more impressively, they stayed in place no matter how much we jumped around or sweated. If you regularly run to music, these are a brilliantly innovative option”


Snugs + Soundmagic E10M + Gunsonic App get a great 3-page editorial review in Clay Shooting Magazine. This is the June 2014 which celebrates George Digweed winning another World Championship. The advantage of using the Gunsonic APP on your iPhone is that it reacts quicker to the very loud “bang” from the gun and stops it being amplified as some other older and slower active noise protection headphones do. The other advantage is that for the same cost as active noise protection you get a pair of Snugs and great quality earphones to use away from shooting.


Snugs are proud sponsors of the Dub Pistols. Together with AudioFly we are providing the band with custom fitted full shells Snugs ear-docks for their AudioFly AF-120. Alice and Paul met the band in North London and spent a fun afternoon making ear impressions. The band have a really busy schedule through 2014 with a UK tour starting 4th April then appearances at Glastonbury and, local to Snugs HQ on Exmoor, the Watchet Music Festival 22-24th August 2014.

We have tested the Gunsonic APP with SNUGS ear-docks and they transform SNUGS into better than any electronic ear defenders for shooters.

The reviewed method is to put passive ear-defenders over iPhone earphones – but with Snugs offering over 30 dB of noise isolation – you can now use SNUGS without the passive ear-defenders for shotgun use.

Why do the instructors at Holland and Holland training ground in Northwood all use the Gunsonic APP instead of Electronic ear-defenders?

Watch the Pocket-Lint review on Youtube:

See Jonathan Margolis – Tech Guru at the Financial Times – review on