Brand Partnership

Made-For-You Earphones: The Development & Launch Partner Opportunities


The Consumer Proposition:

[ Your Brand ] Made-For-You Earphones.

Ordered On A Smartphone In 3 Minutes.

Ready The Same Day.  From $99.

The Opportunity
  1.  The Future Of Audio is listening on the move with a smartphone using Made-For-You (custom-fit) earphones. A market forecast to be worth $2.4bn by the end of 2020 [ref: The Market for Hearable Devices 2016-2020, Wireless Consulting, Nov. 2016]
  2.  Only Snugs has the technology for earphones made to fit each customer that can be ordered entirely online on their own smartphone.
  3.  Only Snugs can also promise same day collection/next day delivery with high volumes, high quality and high margins.
  4.  Snugs will only share this high-barrier-to-entry expertise with 3 Development Partners.
Our Commitment To Partners

Snugs has built very high barriers to competitor entry through IP ownership and rights to software algorithms, process patents, production contracts and manufacturing ownership.

With a maximum of three earphone brands, Snugs will:

  1.  Guarantee access to the technology and production channels until 2019 exclusively to Development Partners.
  2.  Contract to provide each of the 3 Partners with the technology, equipment, training, research and the Snugs development team to undertake their own beta testing from Q2 2018.
  3.  Continue to invest in development, responding to Development Partners’ experiences, and facilitating each Development Partner in creating their own exclusive brand versions.
  4.  By 2019 or earlier, each Development Partner can become a Launch Partner with their own branded Made-for-You earphones (optionally with Snugs co-branding), and the market transformation will begin.
Next Steps
  1.  Sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  2.  Contract with Snugs as a Development Partner for a fee of £250,000.
  3.  Have First Option to become one of three Launch Partners.

For specific information about our brand partnership opportunity,  please contact Paul Jobin, CEO & Snugs Founder
Tel:      +44 (0) 7966 184 856


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