Snugs at CES 2018

CES Las Vegas 9-12 Jan 2018

Booth #20842, Tech East, South Hall Level 1, Main Convention Centre

Snugs are being very kindly hosted on the Echobox Audio booth #20842, so we are not on the show index

Snugs (London) are back at the worlds largest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for their third year from 9th to 12th January 2018.

Snugs are showcasing our brand partnership opportunity with Echobox Audio. Come and see Snugs on the Echobox range of earphones, from their entry level Traveler to the new Ti 22BT wireless, on their Finder X1 and their top of the range Nomad.

Come visit us and see our game changing Snugs Snapp. Get a Phoenix 3D scan, which Snugs have successfully deployed in premium retail stores, to purchase your own Snugs with our special 15% show discount.

Win a pair of Snugs + Echobox Traveler earphones, by putting your business card into one of our Free Prize draw boxes.


Free Prize Draw at CES


We will showing Snugs Snapp, our smartphone App that allows you to scan your ears and order your custom-fit earphones using your smartphone, anywhere, anytime. The custom-fit game changer.


Snugs at CES - Scan with your Smartphone


For more information please contact Paul Jobin,
CEO & Snugs Founder


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