Ear Safety through Comfort: Snugs Custom-Fit Earplugs for the Workplace

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Experience the world’s most effective hearing protection, tailored to your unique needs. Our custom-fit earplugs ensure all-day comfort, preventing discomfort and ensuring compliance.

Preserve your auditory health with our uniquely designed SnugsShield earplugs. Ideal for individuals in noisy industrial settings or exposed to loud music, these earplugs provide a personalized fit that effectively blocks out damaging noise.

At Snugs, we understand the importance of hearing protection in the workplace. Our custom-made earplugs offer top-level noise protection for your employees’ ears.

Use SnugsShield to create a safe and comfortable work environment. It reduces the negative effects of noise on your well-being and productivity.Unlike other alternatives such as standard earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones, SnugsShield provides superior protection at a fraction of the cost. The SnugsShield is designed to be both user-friendly and incredibly comfortable. It protects your hearing and helps to decrease stress and anxiety, allowing you to feel relaxed in noisy environments.

Snugs Workplace/Industrial Hearing Protection range is suitable for all construction or manufacturing use cases.

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The smart way to protect employees ears

Snugs custom-fit earplugs are individually made for each worker’s unique ears. Ensure compliance in use and lower long term spend by using reusable ear protection which offers unrivaled comfort.

Why Choose Snugs Custom-Fit Earplugs?

Unmatched Comfort

Our earplugs are custom-molded to fit your individual ear shape, eliminating discomfort and ensuring a secure fit.

Superior Noise Reduction

Snugs earplugs effectively block out harmful noises, reducing the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

All-Day Wearability

Designed for extended use, our earplugs provide continuous protection without causing irritation or fatigue.

Easy Maintenance

Snugs earplugs are reusable and easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Cost-Effective Solution

By preventing hearing loss and related health issues, Snugs earplugs offer a cost-effective solution for businesses.

Experience the Snugs Difference

With Snugs, you can ensure your employees’ hearing safety without compromising comfort or productivity. Our custom-fit earplugs are the ultimate solution for protecting your workforce from noise-induced hearing loss.


Snugs Custom-fit in-Ear Hearing Protections

Filtered protection

Integrated attenuated filters with the decibel rating to your preference (up to 30dB), allowing workers to hear essential noise

Fully certified

Manufactured and tested to the highest approval standards: EN 352-2 & ISO 13485:2003, ensuring compliance with regulations

Cost-effective & Eco-Friendly

Chose re-useable, durable hearing protection options over disposable foam plugs and you'll make financial savings within a year.

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Protect your employees’ hearing and ensure compliance with Snugs custom-fit earplugs. Contact us today to learn more or place your order.


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Efinor Ltd.

“The service from start to finish and even now that most of our staff have received their snugs is second to none. Snugs are professional, knowledgeable and willing to educate staff”.

“I have only had good feedback from the workers. The workforce have been very receptive and are happy to keep the snugs in throughout the day.”


Proper use of hearing protection is crucial for effective noise reduction. Ensure earplugs are inserted deeply into the ear canal and earmuffs completely cover your ears. Wear hearing protection consistently throughout your exposure to loud noises. Remember the importance of selecting comfortable hearing protection,

Selecting the right hearing protection involves considering several factors. Assess the noise levels you’ll encounter, the activities you’ll engage in, and your comfort preferences. Different types of hearing protection offer varying levels of noise reduction and comfort.

Hearing protection comes in various forms, including earplugs, earmuffs, and canal caps. Earplugs are inserted into the ear canal, while earmuffs cover the entire ear. Canal caps are custom-molded devices that fit snugly in the ear canal.

Hearing protection is crucial for preserving your hearing health. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is irreversible and can significantly impact your ability to hear and communicate. Protecting your ears from excessive noise levels is essential to prevent NIHL.

Hearing protection is essential for safeguarding your hearing from harmful noises. It includes devices like earplugs, earmuffs, and canal caps that help reduce the intensity of sound entering the ear canal.

There is not a minimum order quantity. However, you may benefit from discounts for higher order volumes!

We have a range of attenuated filters available (maximum 30dB), and can supply whichever is most suited to the noise levels in your workplace. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Yes, our Snugs workplace protection is fully certified to the highest of standards –

EN 352-2 & ISO 13485:2003

Snugs will come on-site to you and provide a fitting service. Depending on the number of staff, this can be over multiple days.

Once we have your employees ear impressions, Snugs will scan them to create their 3D file and use these to make their hearing protection. This means only one fitting is required, so if a member of staff loses a pair, we can remake it without needing a new impression

Yes, Snugs are the sustainable choice. One worker will dispose on average around 1000 foam earplugs to landfill each year. Chose re-useable hearing protection and within a year you will make cost savings too.

1 x pair of custom fit ear plugs with pop-off lanyard

Made from a hyper-allergenic, washable & cleanable silicone
Personalisation options – Engrave with workers name/ company name; custom colours; choice of attenuated filter
After service – Snugs customer support are available to assist with any fit adjustments, questions and support that you need

Yes, we are able to make a custom tip for the 3M Peltor EEP. The Snug has been designed to fit the specific device; by adding a custom tip, you guarantee employee in-ear comfort and compliance of use as they will be able to wear their protection throughout their shift

Yes, we are able to make hearing protection specific to the food industry.

SnugsFood is made from a fully-magnetic silicone with magnetic lanyard/cord. Please contact us for more information.

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