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Snugs + Echobox

How to get Snugs for Echobox earphones:

  1. Go to our exclusive Echobox product page.
  2. Select your Echobox earphone and Snugs colour choices
  3. Click BUY NOW and checkout.
  4. Get your impressions locally and send them to snugs.
  5. We deliver your Snugs custom-fit tips 8 working days later.

Price from only $244.84

Snugs + Echobox

Snugs are a custom-fit ear tip solution made to match the unique shape and size of your ears. Always comfortable however long you wear them, their perfect seal provides an unrivalled listening experience and they never fall out however active you are. Snugs offer superb isolation from external noise for the very best sound quality at ear friendly volumes.

Echobox earphones are revolutionary, combining innovative structural engineering and the highest quality materials, Echobox have created earphones that sound powerful, lively and transparent. Use Snugs to get the very best sound and performance.

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