Snugs Full Shell – an alternative to other Custom Sleeves manufacturers for Shure and other “pro” earphones.

Snugs Full Shell are more suited to larger professional and semi-professional multi-driver earphones. Particular suited to the Shure SE range, Sennheiser IE range, Audio Fly AF range, Westone 3 and 4, or if you just fancy a pair of Full-shells for that more “Pro” look!

Snugs have been making Full-Shell soft silicone sleeves to convert the universal fit product to custom fit for ages, we just have not told anyone about it. Our manufacturing lab is PC Werth, the UK’s oldest and best Audiology company, based in London since 1947.

Since the other UK manufacture has ceased to provide a service to consumers and buying from the USA is such a hassle, a lot more expensive and no back-up service. We thought it was time we told everyone, why Snugs are a brilliant product, available quicker, simpler to order, more colourways, cheaper and backed up by a 100% no quibbles money back guarantee.

Shure Se846's fitted to Snug Full Shell Red metallic and Blue metallicSnugs full shell on Shure Se846

Why Snugs, made in the UK, are better option than some other custom sleeves

  1. Snugs full-shell include the helix for a more secure fit – some others don’t
  2. Snugs offer colours at no extra charge – others charge an extra £30 (US$50)
  3. Snugs offer UK tracked delivery by DPD with SMS messaging at no extra charge – USA manufacturers charges start at £36 (US$58.50)
  4. Snugs make them in 6 working days – other manufacturers take atleast 2 weeks.
  5. Snugs prices include all local taxes. USA manufacturers do not include UK Import duty and VAT which will be charged by UPS when they deliver so add another 20% to the quoted prices as a rough guide.
  6. Snugs can offer impression service anywhere in the UK, even at your office of home. With all others you have to do this all yourself.
  7. Snugs are the only company to offer a 100% no quibbles money back guarantee – others don’t – why not?