Snugs Shooting Solution

A revolution in ear protection

The Snugs Shooting solution

Snugs custom fitted ear docks have teamed up with Essency the maker of the Gunsonics! application to provide the perfect solution for clay pigeon shooters. Wearing the Snugs Gun Solution enables users to hold normal conversations with others and to take calls on their Smartphones without ever taking out the headphones but as soon as a gun is fired the application detects the increased noise level and automatically shuts off the sound. The Snugs are custom made so they fit perfectly, are comfortable and will not fall out. The Snugs Gun Solution is set to revolutionise ear protection in clay pigeon shooting.

Snugs are so comfortable and with the Gunsonic noise-filtering app they are the best solution to protects your hearing while shooting” Jonathan Margolis, Tech editor at How to Spend it.

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