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Snugs custom moulded earphones won’t fall out

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Worry about your training, not your earphones

Nothing ruins a workout buzz faster than earphones that don’t stay in place. With Snugs custom fit in-ear gym headphones the beat keeps flowing, and no matter how hard you train your earphones won’t move at all.

Snugs True Wireless from only $232.59


Snugs go the distance every time you do

Ideal for swimming, running and other adventures, a lightweight, robust silicone construction means they’re durable, sweat resistant and washable. In-ear workout headphones also provide essential passive noise cancellation so you can fully concentrate on the challenges ahead during your most active time of the day.

World out, music in

Moulded to the exact shape of your ear for unbeatable ergonomic comfort. With the right in-ear headphones for the gym it’s easy.

Snugs Wireless from only $293.82


Our recommended Snugs for the gym

Snugs Wireless

Snugs Wireless from only $293.82

BUY NOW Snugs Wireless

Snugs True Wireless

Snugs True Wireless from only $232.59

BUY NOW Snugs True Wireless

"feels extremely secure and doesn't budge at all"

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