Snugs in Hearing Care Specialists

Snugs has a Snugs Station in Grand Audition, Avenue de l’Opera, Paris, France.



Snugs sell well in Hearing Care stores, in the UK, in Germany, in the USA, and now in a prime location on the Avenue de l’Opera, in Central Paris, at one of the Grand Audition salons.
Snugs offer a product range and the technology to differentiate a Hearing Care store, adding an important new revenue stream and a new customer demographic.
Snugs is the first branded range of custom-fit products on offer to Hearing Care specialists.


Scan station in use in Grand Audition, Paris


For specific information Snugs in Hearing Care Specialist Retail, please contact:
Paul Jobin, CEO & Snugs Founder
Tel:      +44 (0) 7966 184 856


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