Investing in the Mobile Listening Market Game Changer

The Future of Audio is
listening on the move with a smartphone of which there are 2.5 bn worldwide. The audio industries know that universal fit (One Size Fits All) results in 70% of Smartphone users complaining that their earphones are uncomfortable and fall-out, but they haven’t known how to deliver custom-fit, a market forecast to be worth $2.4bn* by 2020. Now they do, Snugs.

Current Barriers to Mainstream Growth: audiophiles, gadget lovers and the affluent love Snugs, with outstanding media reviews from the Financial Times to BBC TV’s Dragon’s Den. However, mainstream smartphone users are put off by issues around convenience (need for an in-store scanning appointment), affordability (at £200+ Snugs are not an impulse purchase) and market awareness (too few are Googling “custom-fit earphones”).

The Game ChangerSnugs smartphone App: Snugs can now be truly affordable and globally accessible. More convenient, faster, cheaper with self-scanning, online ordering and high barriers to competitor entry. The Snugs App is driven by artificially intelligent, machine learning, ear matching algorithms that we have developed. We own the IP and have filed for the patent.

Snugs, leaders in technology deployment: Our mission is: To do deliver earphones that are comfortable and fit. To do to Custom-fit earphones what Beats by Dr. Dre have done to the headphone market. We were the first to successfully deploy 3D scanners in retail (Selfridges Oxford Street). Our complete solution for online and offline retail, coupled with our brand partnerships, is the reason many mobile phone manufacturers, tier #1 audio brands and global tech companies are in discussion with Snugs for our scalable, affordable and accessible custom-fit earphone licensing opportunities. Snugs out-source manufacturing in the UK and USA to large high quality suppliers who can scale-up production, cost effectively, to fulfil the market potential by reducing the per unit manufacturing cost.

If you are interested in this investment opportunity, then please contact Paul Jobin for a full investment pack. The share application process is very straight forward.

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