Snugs: An Even Smarter Investment Opportunity under EIS

Snugs announced at the world’s biggest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the USA on 9th January 2018 and the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona 26th February 2018 our ground breaking technology developments that offers not so much a disruption of the global audio market as the beginning of its complete transformation. Our game changing App will make Snugs truly affordable, globally accessible, more convenient, faster, cheaper and with IPR barriers to competitor entry.

We are now in discussions with major audio brands and 8 of the top 10 mobile companies. Some discussions have advanced to the point of negotiation for these global tech brands to acquire a limited number of partnerships being offered by Snugs. We are developing a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to prove our “Scan with a Smartphone App” to close the first of these licensee deals in July 2018.

Snugs App will be released in Q3 2018, with five global brand launching their licensed versions of the Snugs APP in 2019 (they could launch in 2018, if they move fast). Snugs has demonstrated how to substantially increase volume through scalable automated production, which is being demanded by these licensing global brands to deliver a lowering of manufacturing costs. The final tech deliverable is in-store manufacturing in one hour. Snugs has a UK government grant of £192,390 to develop the Snugs App, and with Fripp our grant partners, a version of a “Kodak in-store Mini-Lab”.

With Snugs announcement of a timeline of deliverable product stages, the independent forecast that the custom-fit earphones market would be worth $2.4 billion in 2020, is now deliverable and completely possible. Snugs is the leader in this market because we are the one company to offer a Complete Solution, to consumers, to retailers and to the major earphone and mobile brands. Through being first to deploy 3D scanning technology and 3D printing to deliver a highly regarded and outstandingly reviewed product., our web-site, continues to grow with increased sales, better conversions and now delivering to 54 countries around the world. Snugs in Selfridges (London) and Grand Audition (Paris) continues to be refined with increasing sales. However, we realised last year that there is just not enough people Googling “custom-fit” and although we can make our core business work it is not until the category of custom-fit is explained and sold to non-audiophile consumers, that our premium in-store “come to us to be fitted” proposition will really grow in profitability.

It is through licensing our Snugs App to global audio, tech and mobile brands who will then spend the vast amounts needed to educate customers to custom-fit. Apple created the iPad and iPod products, Sony created Walkman, Bose created Noise-cancelling, Beats re-created headphones all done through spending many hundreds of millions on educating their customers to the categories that they create. Custom-fit is a category whose time is about to come.

Snugs is open for investment. 

The Directors are ever more convinced that Snugs is a solid when-it happens investment. Snugs is offering 125,000 B-class shares at £4.00 each, to raise a further £500,000 for 5.98%. This is our ninth investment round. We have raised £1,276,568 in our four years, through SEIS and now through EIS. Every round being an up-round.

The £500k is required to bring the App to market in Q3, to give us the working capital for continued core-business trading and to cash-flow the government grant.  Depending on the level of partnerships we sign in the coming months with associated up-front license fees will determine the next stage funding required.

If you wish to participate in the round, then the share application process is very straight forward. Click this link to download the application process  Investment over £10,000 will benefit UK tax payers as Snugs is registered with HMRC’s Enterprise Initiative Scheme (EIS) which offers tax advantages, including 30% income tax relief, no capital gains tax and no inheritance tax.

An Investors overview is available which contains detailed information about our game changing technology, our market leadership position and our few competitors,  It contains a detailed Q&A section of frequency asked questions by our interested licensee partners and institutional investors, both looking very closely at Snugs.

For information about our share sale please read our overview: Investing in the Made-For-You earphone market which is downloadable by clicking this link

Our financial performance and forecasts, with a full compliance file is available upon request and after signing our mutual NDA.

For specific information about our share sale and financial information about the business, please contact Paul Jobin, CEO & Snugs Founder
Tel:      +44 (0) 7966 184 856




Please read this Investment Risk Warning before making a share purchase.

Before deciding whether to buy shares in Snugs Earphones Ltd.  you need to be aware of the following: Buying any shares is not without risk. Market and company movement will affect their performance and you may get back less than you invest. Past performance, of an investment. is no guide to its performance in the future. Investments can go down as well as up. Risk can be brought about by the performance of world markets, interest rates, taxes on income and capital, and foreign exchange rates. Smaller company shares, such as Snugs Earphones Ltd, can be relatively illiquid, meaning they could be harder to trade, which makes them higher risk. Content and information about potential investments are designed for general use, and so cannot be considered personal to your circumstances or your financial position. If you are unsure about any investment or financial decision, you should seek expert independent advice.