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Scanning with your own Smartphone – Investment Opportunity

The Game Changer for Custom-Fit Earphones for Everyone

Snugs will announce our ground breaking Snugs Smartphone App at the world’s biggest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the USA on 9th January 2018.

Creating a 3D scan of your ears with a smartphone Is the industry game changer. It will make Snugs truly affordable and globally accessible. Self scanning is more convenient, faster and cheaper enabling Snugs to be ordered via the App anywhere and anytime. This will be, not so much a disruption of the global audio market, as the beginning of its complete transformation.

Snugs stand back-drop at CES, January 2018.

Snugs stand back-drop at CES, January 2018.

The Snugs Smartphone App, for launch Q3 2018, adopts an innovative approach to create a 3D model of an ear from a picture taken by a smartphone. Snugs owns all IP with the process and algorithms being patented, creating a barrier to competitor entry.

By 2020, the custom-fit (or Made-for-You as we now term it) earphones market is forecast to be worth $2.4 billion and Snugs is the leader in this market. We are the one company to offer a complete solution, to consumers, to retailers and to the major earphone brands.

Snugs market leadership has been because we are the first to deploy 3D scanning technology and 3D printing to deliver a product highly regarded by our customers and outstandingly reviewed by the media. Snugs has in its timeline, two scalable manufacturing steps to maintain our market leadership, to complement our current high quality production process.

In-store 3D printing, Snugs will be ready to collect in every High Street and shopping mall in under one hour, or delivered the next day, by 2019. We have secured a UK government development grant for £460,969 to launch in-store printing. We have the opportunity to own all the IP, again with patents applied for.

To fulfil the demand that the Smartphone App will create we have designed a High Volume Fully Automated Manufacturing Unit that can produce 500,000 pairs of Snugs a year at low unit costs in a 10 hour through-put, fully automatic, no staff, again with all the IP owned by Snugs.

Snugs will continue to develop our brand as well as pursue opportunities to license our technology, by offering a limited number of tier #1 major earphone brands the chance to launch their own Smartphone App for an upfront fee and a percentage of sales revenue. We will also consider licensing our manufacturing capability

In the past few weeks we have had several of the world’s leading audio brands contacting us as soon as they heard of this breakthrough. It is, as we know, exactly what the audio industry has been waiting for. This peer level confirmation that our Smartphone App is truly ground breaking in the custom-fit market, is why we are confident and excited.

Snugs is open for investment. 

The Directors are ever more convinced that Snugs is a solid investment. Today, we are launching our next public share offering, giving you the opportunity to join the Snugs team as an investor.

Snugs is offering shares at £3.30 each until 7th January when this round closes, prior to our announcement at CES on 9th January 2018. The share application process is very straight forward. Download it here. If you have any questions then please contact Paul Jobin at

Investment over £10,000 will benefit UK tax payers as Snugs is registered with HMRC’s Enterprise Initiative Scheme (EIS) which offers tax advantages, including 30% income tax relief, no capital gains tax and no inheritance tax. As we are now moving up several gears in terms of the probable value of the business, we believe it is is necessary to have a minimum investment level of £5,000

Follow this link to our dropbox where we have a compliance folder and background information.

For specific information about our share sale and financial information about the business, please contact Paul Jobin, CEO & Snugs Founder
Tel:      +44 (0) 7966 184 856


Please read this Investment Risk Warning before making a share purchase.

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