Protect your hearing in our increasingly noisy world with Snugs earplugs

SnugsGo Shield provides Hearing Protection that focuses on comfort and convenience to deliver consistent high levels of  protection all day long. Made using a special medical grade silicone, our products are highly durable and easy to clean, making them hygienic and allowing for many years of effective use.

Create your unique fit at home using our smartphone app. Simply take pictures of your ears using the fitting card we send to you when you order. Our AI will measure your ears and provide the best fit for you, with a 3D printed tip for the perfect canal seal, ensuring maximum isolation and noise reduction.

The cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and environmental friendliness of SnugsGo Shield make it a superior choice compared to disposable foam earplugs.

SnugsGo Shield is certified to 26 dB NRR (33 dB SNR equivalence).


SnugsGo Shield is available with a range of attenuated filters to suit your environment. Reduce the volume of your surroundings, but still maintain spacial awareness, eliminating the need to remove your hearing protection to communicate with those around you.

The range of Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) for established hearing protectors is approximately 0 to 30. A higher number denotes greater effectiveness and protection possible for a few motivated proficient users to achieve or exceed.

Create a bespoke fit using our smartphone App, making it a simple process suitable for all ages. It is important to protect your children’s ears in noisy situations, to prevent noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus. There is a rise in hearing loss amongst the younger generations; it is important to prevent this happening using earplugs, as there is no cure.

Appropriate choice for noisy events and workplaces, including: Industry, Concerts, Stadiums, Festivals, Indoor Gigs & House parties, Professional Acoustics, Lawn Mowers and Chain Saws, DIY, Noisy homes or workplaces, and anywhere where you want to turn the volume down but still hear everything, just quieter.

Situational uses: Industry, Manufacturing, Concerts, Festivals, Shooting Indoors & Outdoors, Hunting, Game shooting, Fireworks, Professional Acoustics, Construction, DIY, Aerospace & Flight, In an Airplane, Motorsports Helmets, Emergency Vehicles, PPE Personal Safety, Dance, DIY, Gardening, Motor Sports, Inside a Crash Helmet, Music, Office, Stadium, Heavy Industry, Open plan office, We-work space, noisy kitchen, busy lounge, commuting, underground train squeal, in-flight and perfect for finding your Zen in our noisy world.

Earplugs - Custom fitting with your smartphone

SnugsGo Shield products are custom-fitted by taking a photo of your ear, with our scaled fitting card. Your ear image is analysed with AI-enabled deep learning to create a unique 3D template of your ear shape. This revolutionary process means you can buy custom-fit anywhere and anytime, without the need to visit a high street audiologist.

We send you a Fitting Card

Place your order and we will send you by post a Snugs scaled fitting card which you place over your ear and take a photo through the SnugsFit App on your smartphone.

I already have a fitting card

If you have a fitting already then go to SnugsFit.com via your smartphone browser and follow simple quick steps to take your ear photo with the fitting card

Frequently asked questions

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