Upgrade your Sony earphones with custom fit

Take your listening experience to the next level with SnugsPro. Designed to fit with your Sony earphones so all functions are maintained, they provide maximum noise isolation with a canal seal. SnugsPro tips opens up a new world of sound, perfect for Audiophiles and those wanting to reduce outside noise so it is just you and your music. At Snugs we support a number of Sony models including True Wireless models Sony WF-1000MX3 & Sony WF-1000MX4. If you have a different brand of earphone, make sure you check out our supported earphones range here.

Safer listening

SnugsPro tips are designed to allow you to listen to music at a lower volume, delivering sound safely to your ears

Stay in, no matter what

Made to fit your unique ears, they'll never fall out. Even when working out.

Comfort is king

Made from a medical grade soft silicone to guarantee maximum in-ear comfort

Professional custom fit

SnugsPro tips are custom-fitted using your physical ear impressions of each ear. To get this done, you need to visit an audiologist. It’s a quick, painless procedure where they inject a foam solution into your ear to make an exact mold. This ensures your Snugs fit perfectly. And you only need to do it once.

Please note: The audiologist will charge you separately for the impressions – this is not included in the price of your Snugs.

Order your Snugs

Choose your colour for your AirPods and place your order. We'll send you an email with details on the type of fitting you need.

Make an appointment

Here's a list of Audiologists we recommend. But, please feel free to use one you know. Alternatively, book an appointment to visit the Snugs HQ in Somerset where we will do your ear impression free of charge.

Send us your ear impressions

Complete your fitting at the Audiologist and post your ear impressions to us. We scan these to create your 3D file and make your custom fit tips.

Frequently asked questions

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