Snugs Wired + Sound Magic E10

SoundMAGIC have updated the award-winning E10 earphones to be compatible with all smartphones and mobile devices.

SoundMAGIC’s acoustic engineers carefully configured the drivers of the E10S to deliver powerful deep rolling bass with superb balanced musical detail, the E10S creates an exciting and fun listening experience.

Snugs set with Soundmagic 10S

Smart Switch
Compatible with all smartphones, the E10S incorporates an ingenious user adjustable switch enabling control of Apple as well as Android smartphones. Owners of multiple smartphones can easily swap between devices to control call answer and end functions without compromise.

These versatile earphones offers full management of telephone conversations with the integrated microphone and one button smart remote. The supplied VOIP adaptor transforms the E10S into a multimedia computer headset enabling communication via internet telephone services such as Skype, GoogleTalk or Jitsi.

Machined in one piece, the metal earphone body makes the E10S robust and ready for the rigours of everyday life, whatever you throw at them. Inside the sheath of the cord a twisted cable ensures strength and a tangle-free listening experience. Light weight at just 10 grams each.

Sound Signature: Powerful and weighty bass response, clear vocals and sparkling trebles.