Swimming earphones for all water activities

Snugs custom moulded earphones won’t fall out

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Keep the music going - even under water

A durable accessory for paddle boarders, surfers and anyone with an active lifestyle, Snugs in-ear waterproof headphones for swimming are constructed to offer the ultimate in-ear experience without falling out.

SnugsAqua from only $208.10


Built to last and stand up to the toughest environments

Worn by top UK kitesurfers Sam Light and Tom Court, Snugs’ custom-moulded fit creates a perfect seal in the ear so you can enjoy excellent sound, give it your all and let music be your motivator in the water.

Just keep swimming

Constructed from medical grade silicone and designed for soft comfort, Snugs Swim 'n' Surf plugs can help prevent swimmer and surfer’s ear by limiting the exposure of the ear canal to cold water. Perfectly moulded for ergonomic comfort, these floaty, lacquered silicone ear plugs are the ideal accessory for swimming and water sports.

Snugs Swim 'n' Surf Protection from only $171.37


Our recommended Snugs for swimming


SnugsAqua from only $208.10

BUY NOW SnugsAqua

Snugs Swim 'n' Surf Protection

Snugs Swim 'n' Surf Protection from only $171.37

BUY NOW Snugs Swim 'n' Surf Protection

"The sound quality of Snugs Earphones is better than any other earphone you'll try out there."

Tom Court - Pro Kiteboarder

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