Tips to Improve Poor Quality Sleep

Avoid Poor Sleep Symptoms. Here’s A Trusted Method That Works

Sleep has many benefits beyond dreaming, helping our bodies to rejuvenate, regenerate and heal. These health gains are widely known and discussed. However, a recent UK study found over 30% of people have problems obtaining a good night’s sleep.

What are Sleep Plugs?

Sleep plugs are special earplugs designed to reduce or eliminate everyday noises that can help keep us awake. The list of these ‘perceptively loud’ sounds can vary in the decibel levels and range from a snoring partner to noisy neighbours, from children playing to birds singing, traffic sounds to loud music. These sounds are too numerous to list, but the issue remains; our ears and hearing do not have an off-switch, and this can lead to varying levels of sleep deprivation or having general poor sleep quality.

Muting Our Ears is an Important Matter

Let’s take a second to analyse how we can block-out light and mimic the nocturnal scene for the purposes of sleeping. We can draw the curtains, close the blinds, pulling down blackout blinds or slip on an eye mask. Our sense of vision can be easily muted.

For many of us noise disturbances during sleep is a key enemy, preventing many of us having productive, high energy and happy days. The quality of our sleep is a defining fact of how we see our world on a daily basis. Do we start off tired and irritable or motivated, excited and happy? Quality of sleep will affect our moods and well-being.

When trying to sleep and using an earplug, it’s imperative to use quality products and materials to help obtain the quality of undisturbed sleep we deserve. There are many products on the market, predominately based around stuffing foam deep into your ear. Typically, they are disposable and generally uncomfortable. Others are limited use, one size fits all, unhygienic options simply collecting our ear wax secretion and mixing with other contaminants, offering an increased infection risk.

What Makes a Good Sleep Plug?

To excel at blocking-out noise, a sleep plug has to fit well. Ideally a sleep plug should be custom-made for your specific ears. Besides being custom-made and a perfect fit, a quality sleep plug will be made from soft material so it is comfortable in the ear. It will be shaped to stay securely in-ear without causing you pain, discomfort or pressure on the pillow. And preferably, it should be marked with your name or a marker so that you know the left from the right. Dusk is not the best time to be fiddling about trying to fit your sleep plugs.

Introducing SnugsZen

Snugs provides a range of custom fitted ear-tips, hearing protection earplugs and specialist sleep plugs. Designed solely for your individual ears and made from medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone,  our SnugsZen earplugs offer unrivalled comfort, in-ear fit, durability and can be easily and effectively cleaned. SnugsZen Sleep plugs sit comfortably and flush in-ear, so if you turn over often during sleep you won’t be awakened due to ill-fitting plugs stuffed into your ear canal and sticking out your ears providing discomfort. The design includes a little handle, making them easy to remove from your ears.

Additional features include different colours between left and right, making them easy to identify, as well as a glow in the dark case to help keep them safe and easy to spot as daylight disappears.

After feedback from our customers  we’ve found that SnugsZen isn’t solely used just sleep, rather as a concentration aid to reduce the everyday background din that can cause distraction. Ideal for hours for academic study, writing, mediation, mental well-being such as mindfulness and similar exercises.

How are SnugsZen made?

This a custom fitted product that requires a physical ear impression from an audiologist. These are then sent to the Snugs Labs for modelling and 3D printing; the result, a custom fit sleep plug. Made from soft silicone and designed just for your ears to aid you in obtaining the uninterrupted, quality sleep you deserve. All Snugs products come with a Fitting Promise and a 30-Day Refund if a comfortable fit is not achieved.

SnugsZen is an easy solution helps to keep you asleep and maintain your focus while you’re awake.

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