Using Airpods – How to obtain a secure in-ear fit with all-day comfort

Designed for AirPods and personalised to your ears for all day comfort

Use your in-ear headphones in the gym with the assurance you won’t end up searching for the earbuds on the floor or street.  For users of Apple Airpods we often hear the following mitigation of “I have small ears” or “I’ve been told my ears are shaped oddly” for putting up with the ear discomfort. Why? These are simply not the reasons why you should experience discomfort or pain with your Airpods.  Many people come to us having tried after market ear hooks but still don’t get a reliable or comfortable fit? That problem of discomfort unfortunately persists.

Often in-ear headphones don’t sit in the ear securely, causing pain or simply falling out. This is due to the small, medium or large standard ear-tip simply not fitting your ear size or the size of the actual earphone being too large for the ear. As a result, when the earphone is forced into position there is only one outcome, you will feel discomfort,

Gain the benefits of a secure in-ear fit and all-day comfort with Snugs

Designed from the outset for comfort and security of fit, our custom tips work with both AirPods and the AirPod Pro. All the functions and sensors will work with the Snugs tips, allowing you to do all your activities as intended whether be it office, meditation or exercise. There’s an added benefit too. The fit of the custom tips provides a great level of noise isolation, meaning that you can listen to the high fidelity of your chosen sounds at a lower volume level. Protecting your hearing too!

Custom-Fit Ear Tips Airpods

Our custom ear-tips are made just for you, meaning all day comfort so that you can use your earbuds for much longer. Be assured that they will not fall out regardless of your exercise regime from running to backflips, Snugs will keep your AirPod safe and secure in-ear.

Snugs is a custom-fit ear tip solution. We take a digital or physical impression or your ear and in conjunction use our software and 3D printing produce ear-tips solely for you, just like musicians and TV Presenters that have special in-ear tips.   Snugs ear-tips have been moulded to fit the exact shape and size of your ears, ensuring they never fall out and remain comfortable for extended use.

Ideal for remote workers, gamers and other uses that often demand long hours of headset use. Snugs ear tips allows the seamless change of use from an audio listening device to highly comfortable business headset, to state-of-the-art Bluetooth or wired gaming headphones. One pair of Snugs tips, many uses.

The SnugsPro tips offer an excellent sound seal enabling an unrivalled listening experience. As this ear-tip sits in the canal, it offers superb isolation from external noise for the best sound quality at ear friendly volumes. SnugsPro offers ideal replacements to the original Airpod Pro tips so they will actually fit your ears. Truly enhancing your audio experience.

Our SnugsGo option provides security of fit and is ideal for active users that need to be able to hear their immediate surrounding while listening to audio.

If you are looking for the best in-ear headphones options for running, gym, sports and fitness, here are some simple points to consider.

  1. Sweatproof or Waterproof, depending on your activities
  2. Secure and comfortable fit,
  3. Situational Awareness, for many use cases it’s imperative you can can the outside world.

Our SnugsGo product is the perfect companion for your choice running/gym/fitness earphones. Take a look at the extensive list of earphones we support.

Snugs ear-tips need to be removed from your AirPod for charging; the tips are made from a medical grade soft silicone which is durable and will not degrade over time.

Ordering your Snugs is simple. We support many wired and true wireless headphones/buds, take a look at our compatibility list which includes Sony, Bose, Sennheiser, Jabra and many more earphones.

  1. Choose which Snugs product is right for you
  2. Choose your colour
  3. Write in the box your earphones:
  4. Go to Checkout

For new customers, once you have ordered your SnugsPro, we will contact you to with information on  Snugs approved Audiologists to get your physical ear impressions.

If you are ordering SnugsGo tips, we will post you a fitting card to take your ear pictures and complete your fitting.

Snugs offer an extensive range of custom ear tips for noise protection, waterproofing, sleep, and flight purposes.  Check out our product range.


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