Apple AirPod Pro with SnugsPro - Our Thoughts

So the Apple AirPod Pro’s were released in October last year. Our initial thoughts were we loved the more compact design with the shorter stem, and that they had an air of sophistication about them compared to the previous design. But as we all know, looks are not everything, and for an earphone one of the most important features is sound quality (in our opinion anyway). So on we went to testing…

Firstly, we tried them out with the generic tips, which are supplied in 3 different sizes. We know that people’s ears cannot be placed into 3 different size categories, they are in fact more unique than your fingerprints, but putting that point aside we have to say we were impressed. The sound was good and the earphones felt pretty comfortable and secure. Although we wouldn’t have wanted to test their reliability to stay put with a mad dash across the tube station when trying to reach a train…at the end of the day, there is a risk they could fall out.

Next, we put a pair of SnugsPro custom fit tips on them. To do this you need to remove the generic tips from the AirPod Pro’s which can seem a bit tricky on first attempt as you have to give them a bit of a pull, but the more you do it the easier it gets. We then popped the SnugsPro tips on, lined up the sensors and put them in our ears, pressed play to listen to Billy Eilish No Time to Die and our reaction was…WOW. This is totally awesome. Due to the design of SnugsPro, which are made to the exact shape of your ear and so ensure no sound leaks i.e. provide maximum noise isolation, it means that coupled with the noise cancelling feature of the AirPod Pro’s, you really can cut yourself off from the world and be at one with your music. A whole new listening experience is created as you hear things you hadn’t noticed before, with powerful crystal clear sound and brilliant base. We were certainly blown away. We even had a little listen to a sample of David Attenborough’s Life Stories Audiobook and were instantly soothed by hearing his voice and nothing else…bliss.

Apple AirPod Pro with Translucent Purple SnugsPro

The other feature offered by the Apple AirPod Pro’s is transparency mode, where you let more outside noise in. We have tested SnugsPro with this and the feature still works; you just might not hear as much outside noise at a higher volume than with the generic tips. One point to note is the level of noise isolation that each individual experiences with SnugsPro tips will vary from person to person, and is influenced by factors including depth of ear impression and thickness of skull. So you will have to adjust the volume accordingly, but you can still enjoy transparency mode if this feature is important to you.

So to summarise, if you are an Apple fan and have bought/are looking to buy the AirPod Pro’s, then add some SnugsPro custom fit tips to them and you become the King/Queen of the Pro’s, with the ultimate listening experience. We are certainly big fans at Snugs HQ! You can order your SnugsPro tips here

The full set – Apple AirPod Pro with SnugsPro

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