The Pro Range

Custom fitted earphone and IEM tips.

The Pro Range are custom fitted earphone and IEM tips designed for those seeking the best in noise isolation, sound quality and comfort.

Music Lovers

Designed with audiophiles in mind, Snugs are designed to provide high-end audio and noise cancelling for the ultimate listening experience.


SnugsPro are the preferred choice of musicians using IEMs.


Singers who wear IEMs need a specific type of custom fitted solution which accounts for the way their mouth moves when performing.

Professional Comms

Unrivalled custom fit audio solutions for security, event, and backstage personnel.

Work Essentials

When your professional performance relies on good fitting comfortable earphones, IEM’s or headsets so you can focus on what really matters - your job.


When listening to music whilst working out or playing sports, demand the best retention in the ear and custom fit audio.


Getting replacements for your SnugsPro product is quick and easy. Select if you want to replace a pair or just a single ear, choose the colour(s) and enter your last order number. We'll make them to the same specs as before.


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