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Custom fit earphone and IEM tips for those demanding the best in noise isolation, sound quality and comfort.


Look like a pro. Listen like a pro.

Take your listening experience to the next level with SnugsPro. Designed to provide maximum noise isolation, SnugsPro tips opens up a new world of sound, perfect for Audiophiles and those wanting to reduce outside noise so it is just you and your music.

SnugsPro for your IEM’s allows for accurate onstage monitoring, ensuring they’re comfortable, secure and offer both high levels of passive noise cancellation and protection against loud external sounds.


Wall of love


Best decision I made

Headphones never stayed in my ears. The day my AirPods fell in my soup was the last straw, and I decided to buy myself some snugs. Best decision I made! Those headphones are now comfy and secure.

Gerald A

Extremely Good

Extremely good with Shure SE846’s. The bass is phenomenal!

Simon C

Moulded sleeves are game changing

As a singer (rock-based stuff) who has struggled for years with ill-fitting IEM’s, moulded sleeves are game changing. They fit easily, stayed firmly in place for the whole 3-hour show and with no discomfort whatsoever. Love them.

Francis F.

I love my Snugs!

I bought some Snugs Pro tips late last year, and they are by far the best fitting earphone tips I have ever owned. Noise isolation and audio quality have both been improved leaps and bounds compared to the stock earphone tips I was using previously.

Taylor B.

I am overjoyed with my Snugs Pros

Perfect fit, lovely neon pink colour, extremely comfortable and allow me to enjoy a crystal clear IEM mix whilst not worrying about them falling out. Highly recommended to musicians pro and hobbyist alike!

Steve Wallace

Best thing I ever did

As a professional musician who has had extensive corrective surgery on his ears due to childhood deafness, when I needed to get IEM's in 2017, I knew custom fit was the only way to go. A local company a few mins away from me refused to help me due to my surgeries and actually threw my impressions away! Snugs offered to help straight away and sent me my first pair. These things DO NOT FALL OUT, no matter how crazy I go onstage!

Create your unique

Your Snugs, your way.

Create your unique tips with multiple colours

Create your unique

Choose from a range of colours for your left and right ear - there's over 90 possible ways to make them as unique as you are.

Custom tips available for over 100 different earphones

200+ Earphones & IEMs

We have fittings for over 200 earphones & IEMs, including popular brands like Apple AirPods, Sennheiser, Bose, Shure & Westone. If your earphones or IEMs aren't on the list, let us know and we'll see what we can do

Custom Fitting

How it works

Step 1

Physical ear impressions

You'll need to visit an audiologist to get a physical impression of each ear. It's a quick and painless procedure where the audiologist will inject a foam solution inside the ear. After a few minutes this hardens to create an exact mould of your inner ear.

Get custom fitted in UK

Get custom fitted in USA & Canada

Get custom fitted in Europe or Internationally

Step 2

Creating a 3D Model

Once we receive your ear impressions, we scan these to create your 3D ear files. These can then be used to make any and multiple products from the custom fit range, so you only need to have this part of the process done once.

Step 3

Making your Snugs

We take your 3D ear files and design them for your product of choice. These are then 3D printed and finished in the colours you selected so they’re perfectly unique to you.