The Moto Range

Custom fit earplugs and audio solutions to wear with a helmet.

SnugsMoto are designed to be worn under a helmet making them ideal for skydiving, biking and other motorsports. Their flush profile is custom fitted to your ear, so they’re comfortable and stable, while ensuring you can still hear your surroundings or communicate through your in-helmet mic.

Motorbike Rides

Protect your ears from wind and motor noise while you ride.

Track Racing

Whether you're in the driver's seat or watching, the noise of track racing can be overwhelming. Protect your hearing and enjoy the race.


Enjoy the exhilaration of soaring through the air, without the rushing air hurting your ears.


Getting replacements for your SnugsMoto product is quick and easy. Select if you want to replace a pair or just a single ear, choose the colour(s) and enter your last order number. We'll make them to the same specs as before.


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