Reusable hearing protection for any industry.

Preserve your auditory health with our uniquely designed SnugsShield earplugs.

Ensure a safe and sound work environment, reducing the impact of noise on your well-being and productivity. Unlike other alternatives such as standard earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones, SnugsShield provides superior protection at a fraction of the cost.

Easy to use and comfortable, SnugsShield not only safeguards your hearing but also reduces stress and anxiety, letting you feel relaxed even in the noisiest surroundings. Download our brochure

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The service from start to finish - and even now that most of our staff have received their Snugs - is second to none. Snugs are professional, knowledgeable and willing to educate staff.

Head of Workplace Safety, Efinor Ltd.

Custom fitting

How it works

Step 1

Discussing your needs

As a first step, we discuss the specific hearing protection needs of your employees. This includes assessing the working environment, regulations, and level of noise protection required.

We'll also discuss which custom fitting method you'd like to choose - either ProFit, which is done onsite by our trained specialists, or SmartFit, which can be done by yourself using our online custom fitting tool.

Step 2

Custom fitting each employee

As Snugs are made to fit the unique shape of each ear, we'll need to create precise models for every employee. This can be done in two ways:

Option 1: On-site ProFit by a trained audiologist. This is the most accurate fit, but is more costly upfront.

Option 2: Remote SmartFit, which involves you custom fitting each employee yourself using our online tool. It's cheaper, but not as precise as ProFit.

Step 3

Creating reusable 3D ear models

Once we have either the physical impressions (from an on-site ProFit) or ear measurements (from a remote SmartFit), we can create reusable 3D models of each employees' ears.

These are use to then print each pair of their Snugs.

And as they're a model, we can reuse them as many times as needed to print replacement pairs and even make adjustments for a looser or tighter fit.

Step 4

Printing and quality control

In this final step, we print each pair of Snugs individually, apply a lacquer, insert the chosen filter and do quality control before packaging them up.

If they pass quality control, we'll ship them right away with the relevant employees name included.

If they fail quality control, we'll re-make them until they pass.


30 day remake guarantee

We understand how important it is for your employees to feel comfortable wearing their Snugs.

After all, they could be wearing them for long periods.

Once they receive them and try them out, if the fit isn't perfect and needs to be either looser or tighter, just let us know and we'll re-model and re-make them another pair.


Questions about reusable workplace hearing protection.

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