Smart fit using our app

How it works

Step 1: Place an order for any SnugsGo product. You'll receive an order confirmation email containing a unique 6-digit code, which you'll use to complete your online custom fitting.

Step 2: We'll post you a custom fitting pack, which contains a fitting card and instructions on how to complete your custom fitting.

Step 3: During the online custom fitting, you'll take a picture of each ear while wearing the fitting card and submit these for processing.

Step 4: Our AI measures your ears from the pictures and matches them to our 3D ear database, where your 3D ear files are selected for the best fit.

What happens then? After the above steps, your 3D ear files are modelled to your chosen specifications and sent off to be 3D printed, lacquered and engraved. Once they pass our quality control, we'll package and send them to you via a courier.


SnugsGo Custom Fit Pack

    Other countries

    United Kingdom

    Professional custom fitting for Snugs in the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland.

    USA & Canada

    Professional custom fitting for Snugs in USA and Canada.