Snugs is a corporate member of Tinnitus UK. Our products are designed to be custom fitted to the individual shape of your ears so they provide maximum protection from – and relief for – Tinnitus.

Made from medical grade silicon Snugs are durable, kind to skin and can be worn for long periods of time. Protect your hearing and get relief from the symptoms of tinnitus with the Snugs range of specialised hearing protection products.

Snugs for Tinnitus

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a sound that you can hear, but is not coming from your external environment. It is often described as a ringing in one or both of your ears, although it can be a buzzing, cracking, hissing, humming or clicking noise. It is unique to the individual and can be experienced for short periods of time, with the sound going away, or for some people, they live with Tinnitus all the time. 


What causes Tinnitus?

There are a number of causes of Tinnitus including:

  • Age-related hearing loss
  • Exposure to loud noise
  • Menieres disease – a chronic ear condition affecting your balance and hearing
  • Repeat ear infections
  • Excessive Ear Wax
  • Otosclerosis – a growth in your middle ear


How can Snugs help prevent Tinnitus?


1 in 4 people in the UK have Tinnitus due to exposure to loud noise (Tinnitus UK). Using ear protection in noisy environments is essential, whether this is at work, at a music festival, shooting or doing DIY at home. In fact, it is a legal requirement in the EU if you work in an environment with your ears exposed to over 85dB to provide workers with hearing protection – so make sure your employer is providing the correct PPE if your work environment is loud.

The SnugsShield hearing protection range includes:

  • Work hearing protection
  • Music hearing protection
  • Shooting hearing protection

These each have a different attenuated filter most suited to its purpose. The filters allow you to hear outside noise, whilst protecting you from damaging noise. You do not need to remove them from your ears to communicate with others, ensuring you are protected at all times.

By using custom fit hearing protection, you will prevent damage to your hearing and reduce the risk of Tinnitus.

SnugsPro custom earphone & IEM tips

Listening to music too loud through your earphones is another cause of hearing damage and Tinnitus. You may find yourself bumping up the volume to help remove background noise, or just because you like listening at a higher volume.

Replacing generic tips with SnugsPro custom earphone and IEM tips, you achieve passive noise isolation. They are made from your physical ear impressions which go up to the second bend in your ear canal. The depth of the Snug provides a canal seal, ensuring no sound bleed, so you’ll hear your music with clarity. You will find that you now need to lower the volume of your music as it nows sounds a lot louder, so you are listening at a safer volume.

SnugsPro tips are available for over 250 different earphone and IEMs, you can view the list here.

SnugsAqua swim plugs

Many people experience Tinnitus when they have an ear infection; if you are prone to repeat ear infections, and enjoy being in the water, make sure you use swim plugs to prevent water getting into your ears.

SnugsAqua custom fit swim plugs provide a water tight canal seal to stop water getting in. The perfect fit ensures they do not move in your ears, whether you are doing tumble turns in the pool or are upside down in a kayak.

By investing in custom fit earplugs, you have a re-useable solution which is comfortable and an effective way of preventing Tinnitus.