The Zen Range

Custom fit earplugs and earphones for sleep.

SnugsZen are custom fitted earplugs and earphone tips with a soft, comfortable feel making them ideal for sleep, meditation, and those who suffer from noise sensitivity (hyperacusis).

Made from our softest silicone and designed to fit the exact shape of your ear canals, they’re comfortable for side sleepers and wearing for long periods. They can be custom fitted for adults and children.

SnugsZen for meditation practice


Whether it's silent or guided meditation, SnugsZen offers a comfortable solution to help you focus your mind.

SnugsZen earplugs for sleep


If noise is preventing you getting to sleep, or disrupting your sleep cycle, then SnugsZen are the perfect solution to help you sink into a deep slumber.

Comfortable audio

Our super soft earphones are suitable even for side sleepers, allowing you to comfortably nod-off listening to your favourite audio book or white noise.

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Getting replacements for your SnugsZen product is quick and easy. Select if you want to replace a pair or just a single ear, choose the colour(s) and enter your last order number. We'll make them to the same specs as before.


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