The Go Range

Earphone tips and hearing protection custom fitted using our SmartFit app.

The SnugsGo range offers a convenient way to get a personalised fit for your ears with the use of our innovative SmartFit process. No need to visit an Audiologist. To find out more about how this works, click here.


When listening to music whilst working out or playing sports, demand the best retention in the ear and custom fit audio.

Comfortable fit

Designed to enhance comfort, SnugsGo provides a personalised fit for your ear shape.

Noisy work

Protect your hearing from loud industrial noise whilst maintaining an ability to communicate with fellow workers.

Work earplugs

Trade sales


Getting replacements for your SnugsGo product is quick and easy. Select if you want to replace a pair or just a single ear, choose the colour(s) and enter your last order number. We'll make them to the same specs as before.


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