The Shield Range

Custom fit hearing protection with advanced filters.

The SnugsShield range is designed to provide maximum protection for noisy environments and sports. Suitable for use by professionals or amateur enthusiasts, they’re custom fitted for superior comfort, to be worn for long periods without the need to remove them to communicate with others.

Industrial work

Protect your hearing from loud industrial noise whilst maintaining an ability to communicate with fellow workers.

Work earplugs

Trade sales

Transport Services

Protect your hearing while working in noisy transport environments like train stations, airports, or underground subways.

Noise Sensitivity

If you suffer from hyperacusis and struggle to be in noisy environments, then SnugsZen may be the solution you've been looking for.

Concerts & Festivals

Enjoy the music and atmosphere without damaging your hearing.

SnugsShield Shoot worn by man firing gun

Gun sports

Whether clay-pigeon shooting or shooting a rifle at the range, protect your ears from the blast of the gun.

SnugsShield Food worn by factory worker

Food production

Specialist product certified for use by food professionals. Protect your ears whilst in the kitchen or working in a food production environment.

Earplugs for food production


Getting replacements for your SnugsShield product is quick and easy. Select if you want to replace a pair or just a single ear, choose the colour(s) and enter your last order number. We'll make them to the same specs as before.


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