How does the awareness filter work in SnugsAqua?

The awareness filter in SnugsAqua offers a 5 decibel (dB) reduction in sound. This means you can still hear and maintain spatial awareness with your Snugs in, making them suitable for surfers who need to hear the waves, as well as other water sport users. Swimmers can now hear their friends and swimming instructors. All the time maintaining a waterproof seal to ensure cold, chlorinated or unhygienic water does not get in.

The filter is waterproof whilst also ensuring a constant air flowing through the ear; this ventilation minimises the occlusion effect and avoids irritation within the ear canal.

Keep your ears dry, clean and ventilated while hearing everything around you.

Supplied with DEC’s DR 5dB attenuated filters. The best attenuated filters in the world CE certified to EN352.