What is the difference between DM15, DM20 & DM25 filters?

All Shield(Music) ‘DM’ filters provide flat attenuation, which means that the filter will equally reduce the amplitude of all frequencies in the range. This maintains a consistent level of attenuation across those frequencies, ensuring sound is not distorted or muffled in any way. 

The number after the ‘DM’ denotes the amount of decibel (dB) attenuation/reduction the filter offers. If you are a musician on-stage and the noise is very loud, then we recommend opting for a DM25. If however you are using your Shield(Music) earplugs to quieten noise in the pub or in quiter setting, then we recommend a DM15 filter.

All filters are removeable from the Snugs so you are able to change them to different attenuation protection depending on the noise environment you are in. You can order spare filters here.