What is the difference between SnugsPro and SnugsGo?

SnugsPro and SnugsGo have different methods of fitting to get your custom fit tips. SnugsPro requires you to visit an Audiologist to get your physical ear impressions. SnugsGo requires you to take your ear pictures, and our AI measures your ears from these.

Both SnugsPro and SnugsGo will result in a custom fit tip that fits your outer-ear perfectly and allow you to wear your earphones in comfort all day and without fear of them falling out. However, SnugsPro tips go deeper into your ear canal and give you a perfect inner-ear seal, therefore providing maximum noise isolation and the ultimate listening experience.

If you are purchasing SnugsPro for your IEM’s, you will need a professional fit.

If you are unsure on which is the best fit method for you, please contact us and we can advise you