CES Las Vegas 2020 - Geek Week!

Snugs MD Paul Jobin was at CES Las Vegas last week, offering #SnugsGo as a life-time value proposition to the hearables market.

Paul attended the Wearables Technology Summit and was kindly introduced to all 6 of the outstanding key speakers after the event, who have been gifted a SnugsGo fitting card. We can’t wait to make a set of Snugs for them all as soon as their ear photos have been received.

The hearables market is predicted to reach a staggering $80bn by 2025, driven by our enthusiasm to stream music and learn more about our bodies via the list of ever-growing biometric functions that hearables can offer. During the tech show, Valencell unveiled it’s latest technology which will allow hearables to monitor our blood pressure.

With the increasing functions hearables offer, we mustn’t forget the users experience. Are they comfortable to wear? Do they fit us?

The second biggest announcement within the audio industry was Dirac’s audio enhancement app. The app is designed to pair with your headset and apply specific changes to the headphones, including filter correction and frequency response alterations. We were really impressed by the user experience of their app and think this would be a great partner for Snugs.

Away from our own industry Paul came across loads of marvellous tech. From office bots, a 3D print motorbike, and a hydro-foil bike for cycling on water!

Now Paul’s inner geek has been satisfied, he’s back at Snugs HQ feeling a bit jet lagged but excited for the year ahead…

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