How Earplugs Designed for Sleeping Work

Once upon a time there was a bunch of people who feared the long winter nights.

Not because of the howling wind or the threat of Mad Auntie Marge and her warming chestnut soup, but because it meant even longer lying awake in bed every night battling poor sleep.

And even if sleep can elude the best of us from time to time, problem sleeping is no fairy tale:

  • 38% of UK Adults say they don’t get the right amount of sleep (1)
  • The NHS reports that nearly 1/3 of the UK suffer from insomnia (2)
  • Poor sleep contributing to tiredness, stress, anxiety and relationship issues (3)

What Causes Poor Sleep?

Predictably, there are a lot of reasons for sleep problems, but noise is nobody’s friend when you are trying to sleep. Unsurprisingly, noise is number 2 on the NHS list of contributors to Insomnia (after stress and depression) (4)

The issue is that your hearing has no “off switch”. Unlike our eyelids or tricks we use (a nice comfy bed to soothe our touch sense, for instance), our hearing is working hard throughout the night.

  • This means that some people are kept awake by the slightest night time noise – particularly strange ones, even if they are not threatening.
  • And there are a large number of folk out there who contend with the sounds of a snoring partner. And it does not have to be a foghorn blast to keep you awake.
Noise is the no.2 contributor to Insomnia, according to the NHS

Eye Masks for Eyes, Sleep Plugs for Ears

Sleep Plugs could be the answer to more effective rest and better sleep. Sometimes called Snore Plugs or Night plugs, Sleep plugs are special ear plugs for wearing at night. Eyemasks for your ears if you will.

Sleep plugs work in 2 ways:

  1. Sleep plugs block out unwanted noise at night (no they don’t block out ALL noise – that would be both dangerous and pretty much impossible)
  2. Sleep plugs can form part of the night time routine to relax and take control of insomnia, helping you relax and switch off

Making a Great Sleep Plug

To be good at blocking out noise, a sleep plug has to fit well – ideally a sleep plug should be custom made for your ears. Besides being custom made and a perfect fit, a quality sleep plug will be made from soft silicone for comfort in the ear. It will be shaped to stay securely in the ear without causing you pain or pressure on the pillow. And preferably, it should be marked with your name or a marker so that you know the left from the right (dusk is not the best time to be fretting about which is which….)

  • SnugsZen tick all of the boxes to be quality sleep plugs:
    • They are made out of super-soft silicone – 25 shore
    • They are made to perfectly fit your ears in one of the leading labs in the UK
    • We shape and carve SnugsZen specially so that they stay perfectly comfortable – even when you are sleeping on your ear

And we are particularly proud of the little touches we add, like the soft “tail” to grab your Snug and pull it out with minimum fuss in the morning. We even give you a nice box for your Snugs that glows gently at night, which we are repeatedly told is very handy indeed for our customers who experience the disorientation of sleeping in Hotels a lot.

So whether you are looking for something to help you combat the noise from your bed-partner every day, or are looking for something to help you sleep on the ‘plane during long flights – or you struggle to sleep in hotels – SnugsZen could make a significant difference to your sleep, happiness and productivity.

Widely available from online and from our partners, SnugsZen are one of our most popular specialist products – after all: what price is a good night’s sleep?

Order SnugsZen HERE


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