Custom fit tips for AirPods Pro

Tired of your AirPods falling out, not fitting properly or feeling uncomfortable?

You need SnugsPro tips for AirPods.

They're moulded to your individual ears to ensure they stay in and are comfortable. They're made from the highest quality silicone, the same material used with our professional grade IEM ear tips.

You'll receive the benefits of professional grade ear tips for your AirPods. Available for the AirPods Pro 2nd Generation. Treat yourself and your ears!



Best decision I made

Headphones never stayed in my ears. The day my AirPods fell in my soup was the last straw, and I decided to buy myself some snugs. Best decision I made! Those headphones are now comfy and secure.

Richard H.

An audiophiles dream!

The combination of Snugs with my AirPods Pro sounds perfect – and they never drop out or let in the outside world. Life is now complete – Well done Snugs – an Audiophile’s dream!

Francis F.

I love my Snugs!

I bought some Snugs Pro tips late last year, and they are by far the best fitting earphone tips I have ever owned. Noise isolation and audio quality have both been improved leaps and bounds compared to the stock earphone tips I was using previously.