Custom fitting in Europe & Internationally

How it works

Step 1: Place your order and we'll send a special custom fitting email with instructions.

Step 2: Arrange an appointment with a local Audiologist. Please note: you must pay for these separately, they are not included in the cost of Snugs.

Step 3: At your appointment, the audiologist will inject a foam solution into each ear to create a precise physical impression of your inner ears. Download our guide on how to ask for your impressions to be done.

Step 4: Carefully package your ear impressions and post them to Snugs HQ (GB) using the address label provided in the email.

What happens then? When we receive your ear impressions, we'll scan them to create a 3D file of each ear. These are then modelled to your chosen specifications and sent off to be 3D printed, lacquered and engraved. Once they pass our quality control, we'll package and send them to you via a courier.

    Other countries

    United Kingdom

    Professional custom fitting for Snugs in the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland.

    USA & Canada

    Professional custom fitting for Snugs in USA and Canada.