What earphone is included with my MotoMusic order?

MotoMusic is supplied with either a wired or Bluetooth British One-Plug earphone IEM:

• Smaller, deeper fit means clearer sound reproduction
• Superb sound isolation from wind and road noise
• Micro-speaker technology fits directly into the ear canal – flush fit
• 3-button controller with microphone
• Nanocoated wax and moisture guard
• IPX3 water-resist
• Single Balanced armature 20-12kHz frequency response
• The sound stage offers Crisp mid-tones, bright clear treble and solid comfortable bass (these are not heavy bass)
• 12mm long, 5mm diameter micro-speaker
• 3D printed acoustic speaker housing

Bluetooth Wireless version:

• Superflex foldable neckband fits any neck size or easy to store/wrap
• Battery: 13 hours music playback; 6 hours call time; 220 hours standby
• Charged via Micro USB (cable provided)
• Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for instant connection.
• Supported Bluetooth profiles: A2DP AVRCP V1.5, HFP V1.6, HSP V1.2

Wired 3.5mm jack version: with or without 3-button controller & microphone available.

Comes with Snugs 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

OnePlug IEM is designed and built in the UK.