Custom fit at home

SnugsGo tips are custom-fitted using A.I. by taking photos of each ear on our app. Once purchased, we’ll send you a fitting card and instructions.

Get your custom fit pack

After placing your order, we’ll post a pack with a fitting card and instructions

Take a photo of each ear

Using the app we’ll guide you through the photo process to complete your fitting

And you’re done

We’ll create your bespoke SnugsGo tips and ship them to you in 2-3 weeks.

The ultimate earphone accessory

Upgrade your earphones with a pair of SnugsGo custom-fit tips. All-day comfort, superb fit and excellent sound. We engineered SnugsGo tips for music lovers with an active lifestyle. They’re ideal for running, cycling, gym and commuting.

Safer listening

Over time, earphones will damage your hearing. With SnugsGo tips you make listening safer

For your ears only

SnugsGo tips are made to order, so they fit your ears perfectly and won’t fall out

All-day comfort

SnugsGo tips are designed to be comfortable, so you can wear them all day long for sport, travel, work or fun.

Frequently asked questions

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