Workplace hearing protection

Noise can permanently damage hearing by a single brief exposure to a loud noise or repeated exposure over time. Any noise exposure over 80dB is considered damaging and ear protection must be worn to prevent noise induced hearing loss.

SnugsShield (Work) is suitable for use in both the professional work environment as well as at home for DIY. Custom fit for superior comfort, our hearing protection can be worn all day without the need to remove from your ears to communicate with others

Filtered Protection

Include industrial attenuated filters which allow users to still hear and communicate with others, whilst protecting against damaging noise


The environmental choice over disposable earplugs. Easy to clean for best ear hygiene.

Superior Comfort

Made for your ears, they won't distract you from the task at hand and ensure compliance in use throughout the working day

Professional Custom Fit

SnugsShield tips are custom-fitted using your physical ear impressions of each ear. To get this done, you need to visit an audiologist. It’s a quick, painless procedure where they inject a foam solution into your ear to make an exact mold. This ensures your Snugs fit perfectly. And you only need to do it once.

Please note: The audiologist will charge you separately for the impressions – this is not included in the price of your Snugs.


How to get custom fitted in your country

Frequently asked questions

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