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Soft silicone earplugs for sleeping, meditating or focussing a little better.


Enjoy a little quiet in a noisy world.

Our hearing has no ‘off switch’ and sometimes all we need is a bit of extra quiet – to help focus on work, meditate, or get a better night’s sleep.

SnugsZen earplugs are made from our softest medical grade silicone and are moulded to fit your ears perfectly, comfortably reducing outside noise for hours


Wall of love

Hugh B

Block a lot of noise

I'm very happy with the Zen snugs, they're a good fit, they go in easy and block a lot of noise overnight.

Steve W

Perfect for travelling

They worked great, really helped to cut out a lot of the plane noise and I was actually able to sleep on the way!


The best earplugs

The best earplugs there is. Can’t sleep without them & sleep incredibly with them. Thank you!

SnugsZen Case


Improved sleep

I have been using my Zen earplugs for a couple of weeks now and am very impressed. They are extremely comfortable to wear throughout the night and they do block out a considerable amount of noise. My sleep has definitely improved.

Custom Fitting

How it works

Step 1

Physical ear impressions

You'll need to visit an audiologist to get a physical impression of each ear. It's a quick and painless procedure where the audiologist will inject a foam solution inside the ear. After a few minutes this hardens to create an exact mould of your inner ear.

Get custom fitted in UK

Get custom fitted in USA & Canada

Get custom fitted in Europe or Internationally

Step 2

Creating a 3D Model

Once we receive your ear impressions, we scan these to create your 3D ear files. These can then be used to make any and multiple products from the custom fit range, so you only need to have this part of the process done once.

Step 3

Making your Snugs

We take your 3D ear files and design them for your product of choice. These are then 3D printed and finished in the colours you selected so they’re perfectly unique to you.