Left or right?

Your bespoke Snugs are colour coded or clearly labelled: red/R for right and blue/L for left. Please ensure you have the correct Snug on the correct earphone driver side.


What's the fitting gel for?

As your made-for-you Snugs are made of medical-grade silicone, it can take a little practice to fit them into your ear.

Within your Snugs package you will find a small bottle of fitting gel. Apply a tiny drop onto the end of your Snugs tip. This will help you fit your bespoke Snugs into your ear.


How do I insert my Snugs?

Firstly, hold the Snug between your finger and thumb with the outer part of the Snug positioned at the top, and the earphone wires hanging downwards.

Then, position the sound duct hole, which is at the end of your Snugs tip, into your ear canal. You can then gently insert the Snug into your ear, twisting at the same time to hook the outer part of the Snug into your Helix.


Check your fit

Ensure it is fitted correctly by pressing around the outer parts of the Snug and the helix to make sure there are no gaps. The Snug should now feel secure in your ear.

Once your Snugs are fitted in your ears, adjust the earphone leads so that they fall into a comfortable position.


A good fit should look like this!


How do I remove my Snugs?

Grip the body of the Snug and twist slightly, whilst pulling gently.

If your grip is not fully on the body of the Snug, the driver may come out and leave the Snug in your ear. Don’t panic – just twist and gently pull the Snug again until it easily comes out of your ear. Gently massaging behind the ear lobe will work out any tight-fitting Snugs tip.

How should I care for my Snugs?

Snugs are made of silicone, so they will last a very long time, but they do require some TLC.

It is advisory to wipe them down after use with a moist cloth or sterile wipe. Do not immerse your Snugs in any liquid and always return them to the carry pouch after use. Keep your Snugs away from direct heat and sunlight. Heat may melt and deform their shape.

What are the health and safety advisories when using Snugs?

Please be careful when on a bicycle, horse or running in a busy area. Your Snugs are so good at isolating sound that you may not hear external noises.

It is also not advised to share your Snugs. As they are made-for-you, and only you, they will not fit other people and this will reduce the risk of passing along ear infections.

When using your Snugs for extended periods, you may find a build-up of ear wax or dirt on them. You can remove this from the sound outlet channel at the tip of your Snugs with a small, blunt cocktail stick or equivalent.

And finally -
enjoy your Snugs!

For any further information on how to fit your Snugs, please contact our specialist Snugs team on 0800 311 2500
(or +44 1984 640 582 if you are outside the UK).