I already have good in-ear headphones. Can I enhance them with Snugs?

Snugs offer a cost-effective custom-fit solution that will fit any in ear headphone. Snugs will make your favourite in ear headphones the
best they can be with optimum isolation, superb comfort and better sound quality.

How do Snugs offer better quality of sound?

Standard earphones provide very little in the way of isolation however using Snugs gives you a perfect seal, delivering up to 30 dB isolation from outside noise. This enables you to get better quality of sound from your earphones because of the air-tight fit and less external noise, allowing you to listen at lower volume levels.

What’s the difference between the tips I currently have on my earphones and Snugs?

The tips that come with your earphones are generic and are designed to fit in the outer ear. This can make them uncomfortable and prone to falling out. Snugs are bespoke, made to fit your inner ear and offer you the most comfortable solution for your ear. As each bud is made to perfectly fit your ear, you’ll find that they are more secure and are perfectly snug. It is why professional musicians and Formula 1 drivers have them.

What happens when I order Snugs?

Once you have purchased your Snugs, a member of our customer service team will contact you to arrange an impression completed by a qualified professional. We take care of the booking for you and it’s rare that anyone travels more than a few miles to be fitted. An impression takes between 20 – 35 mins. You can ask us any questions and we can take note of any special requirements at this point too.

How do I get my ear impressions made?

If you require ear impressions we will put you in contact with your nearest Snugs approved audiologist. You will be sent a Freepost label to post the impressions to us which will then be sent to our lab in London where another member of the Snugs team will create a 3D image of them. This image is then sent to a state of the art 3D Printer that will manufacture your Snugs in your chosen colours. They are then cured overnight, laser engraved, hand finished, expertly checked, then packaged up and sent out to you by courier.

How to fit SnugsPro to your IEMs

The easiest way to fit the earphones is to first remove the cable so you are just holding the driver in one hand and the Snug in the other.

Hold the Snug in your left hand and the earphones driver in your right.

Do make sure you are trying to insert the Right earphone driver into the right Snug ! and vice versa with the left. Obvious but a common first mistake !

Have a look inside the Snug and you will see a small hole where the Sound Outlet Bore hole is at the end of the driver encasement fold.

This is where the drivers sound outlet bore must be positioned and then pushed down the sound bore into the Snug.

Position driver tip on bore hole

Position the Drivers sound outlet next to the entrance of the bore hold in the Snug body.

Push the driver into the bore hole

Push the Drivers sound outlet tube into the Snug bore hole. As you do this the driver will nestle inside the encasement area of the Snug.

As you push a little further, the sound outlet tube will go as far as it can and the driver body will be sitting securely within the Snug.

Push the Driver into the Snug



Snug is in as far as it will go. DONE

Beware that you do not split the Snug body. If it is all tight then use a little of the supplied Dreve Crème on the driver body to make it slide into the Snug.

Watch out if you have sharp nails as they can slice the silicone. Only remove the Snug very occasionally to clean.

What if I change my earphones can I get a set of Snugs to fit my new earphones?

Of course, we keep you ear impressions on file so you can order a new pair at anytime without having to have another impression done. Just go to our website and state the make and model of your new in ear headphones and order a new set of Snugs.

Can I buy Snugs if I live outside of the United Kingdom?

YES you can. You send us your ear impressions to us in the United Kingdom and they are made in the same professional way and then despatched back to you by FedEx courier. Because of the extra time to receive and send them back out, it normally takes a little longer. We charge a delivery charge of £15 to Europe and £25 to Rest of the World. You just choose the On-File option when ordering, because you have arranged your own ear impression. If you are VAT registered or outside Europe, we do not charge VAT which will save you 20%. We will issue a VAT invoice initially for European delivery and you must present your EU VAT number for us to invoice without VAT. In the USA, we are offering a special arrangement where you send you impressions to our US Post Office Box.

Snugs in the USA – a Special Arrangement

We have a new and special arrangement for our USA customers. You send your ear impressions to our US Post Office Box in Minnesota and they are made in the same professional way and then despatched back to you by FedEx courier. We charge a delivery charge of £25. You just choose the On-File option when ordering, because you have arranged your own ear impression. We do not charge VAT which will save you 20%.

What if my Snugs don’t fit perfectly when they arrive?

We offer a limited 1 Year warranty. Snugs guarantees all our custom-fit products against defective manufacture, component failure and/or materials failure for one year from the date of purchase. Snugs will adjust or remake any tips returned due to poor fit within 60 days of purchase. To make a return please call us on +44 (0) 1984 640 582 or email us at returns@Snugsearphones.co.uk and we will assist you. Please supply the original order number when making a warranty claim. Either use our Returns Form or add a note inside telling us of your name, address and date of purchase. Please return your products directly to: Snugs Returns, Snugs Earphones, Windwhistle Farm, Treborough, Watchet, Somerset, TA23 0QW.

What if I lose one or both of my Snugs?

Once you have had your impressions carried out we keep your details on file and therefore you can go to our accessories page and order replacements for one or both. We charge a special lower price for replacements when they are the same colour and made to fit the same earphone. Please note that If you change colours or earphones then these are charged as new Snugs.