Create your unique

Whether you’re travelling, exercising or simply relaxing, our range of made-for-you earphones offers the perfect fit for every side of your life.

We use state-of-the-art technology to create true impressions of your ears, resulting in a fit that’s as unique as you are. It’s this unique fit that means they never fall out and sound incredible.


Upgrade your earphones with custom fit SnugsGo tips. Perfect for an active lifestyle - ideal for running, cycling, gym, commuting and fun.

Custom fitting is done using your smartphone via our app

  • All-day comfort
  • Superb fit
  • Soft, lightweight silicone
  • Excellent sound

Price: $122.39

SnugsGo Earphone Tips Red


Want to choose your own earphone drivers? No problem. SnugsPro give you the flexibility to choose your own earphones and then add Snugs tips – the pinnacles of perfection.

Custom-fit by visiting an audiologist to get physical impressions of each ear.

  • Choose your own earphones
  • Never fall out
  • Soft, lightweight silicone
  • Great noise isolation

Price from only $208.10


Snugs Specialist

Looking for something specific? Our range of specialist products offers you the same unique Snugs fit, customised for a variety of needs.

Price from only $159.12


Better Sound, better protection, better performances

Snugs tips for professional in-ear monitors are moulded to fit perfectly and each earpiece also acts as hearing protection from loud external sound, offering high levels of passive noise isolation.



Travel without the pressure

Snugs Travel are the perfect earphones for travel. Containing special air pressure-balancing filters, they reduce loud background noise, like turbine or engine sounds, whilst balancing the differences in pressure levels.



Flush fit, great sound

Snugs Moto are extremely compact earphones that provide the best sound whilst fitting neatly under motorcycle helmets. This robust design in soft, medical-grade silicone is easy to clean and maintain.



Protection in many forms

Snugs Protection offer high-grade ear protection for a number of different applications including: industrial, surf and swim, sleep, and more.


Water music

A durable accessory made for surfers, swimmers and anyone who enjoys life at the deep end. Snugs waterproof earphones are constructed to offer the ultimate in-ear experience without ever falling out.



Lost your Snugs?

Fear not. You can easily order replacement tips or filters for any missing or damaged Snugs tip.


Snugs Wireless

Life is better unplugged. Snugs Wireless offer you the freedom to throw yourself into your day without ever dropping a beat. These are the perfect earphones for travelling, exercising or commuting.

  • Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Less wires, less hassle
  • Sweat and rain resistant
  • Isolate passive noise

Price from only $293.82


Snugs True Wireless

If you’re after total freedom, then Snugs Beebuds is for you. With no wires and no fuss, you can experience life with total freedom. As you’d expect from our flagship product, Snugs Beebuds offer you the very best Snugs experience.

  • Superb sound quality
  • Never fall out
  • Great noise isolation
  • No wires, total freedom

Price from only $232.59


Snugs Wired

Our range of Snugs Wired is made for endurance, fit and great-quality sound.

  • An incredible never-falls-out fit
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Great noise isolation
  • Comfort and endurance

Price from only $244.84


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