Protect your ears whilst you ride

SnugsMoto (Protect) are custom fit earplugs designed to protect your ears from wind and engine noise. Designed specifically for use under a motorcycle helmet, they remove damaging noise with the earplugs built-in filter turning down the volume to protect your hearing.

A flush design for maximum comfort, hear your surroundings or talk through your in-helmet mic whilst ensuring your ears are protected.


Ear Safety

SnugsMoto (Protect) reduces wind and engine noise to a safe level, helping to protect your ears whilst you ride

Low profile design

Designed to be worn flush to the ear when wearing a helmet or protective headgear


SnugsMoto (Protect) can be used to protect your ears in different noisy environments

Professional custom fit

SnugsMoto tips are custom-fitted using your physical ear impressions of each ear. To get this done, you need to visit an audiologist. It’s a quick, painless procedure where they inject a foam solution into your ear to make an exact mold. This ensures your Snugs fit perfectly. And you only need to do it once.

Please note: The audiologist will charge you separately for the impressions – this is not included in the price of your Snugs.


How to get custom fitted in your country

Matthew Larbey, Caterham Academy Series

“I hear all of what I need to race competitively but have the protection so that my hearing isn’t being impaired afterwards.

I also love the fact that I can change the filters inside the plugs to vary the balance of the levels of protection/environment so I don’t miss key sounds (like my rising engine revs on a day where the wind has changed, where other cars in close proximity to mine etc.)”



Frequently asked questions

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