Life as we know it has changed dramatically across the world. Faced with a global pandemic, many countries have gone into lockdown, with citizens being told to #staysafe and #stayhome. We at Snugs are of course acting in line with government advise; we are fortunate that HQ is our home, a farm on Exmoor, so for us working from home is a ‘norm’ and we are able to continue to operate during these challenging times. However, a real difficulty is our team’s absence, with everyone working remotely for the foreseeable future. We are sure that many are feeling the same – it’s a struggle to motivate when you are working alone! Telling jokes to an empty office just doesn’t have the same impact.


So, with this in mind, the topic of this blog post is working from home, with some of our top tips to keep you motivated and focused.


  1. Establish a routine


Your commute to work is going to be somewhat shorter now you’re based at home. This could be perceived as an opportunity to have an uber long lie in and start work when one feels like it. However, a better approach is to establish a routine. This can vary from person to person, so you may like to make a cup of coffee first, or instead watch the news on TV. At Snugs, we always feed the animals first thing. Whichever suits you best, just try to have a routine which gets your bum into your home office chair and firing up your laptop at the start of the day.


A cup of tea/coffee is a great way to start the day. Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash


  1. Have an appropriate work setup/equipment

This one can be challenging. With the changes to our working lives happening so quickly, many of you will not have had the opportunity to invest in the correct home office equipment. However, it is important if possible to have a ‘place of work’ within your own home; when you are there, you are working, and when you are taking a break you are in a different room/elsewhere.

If you are suddenly finding yourself working in a busy family household, then you’re likely to want to reduce distracting outside noise. You may be having a conference call and do not want to have the sounds of your children in the background – the solution is using a pair of earphones and, with the addition of a pair of custom fit SnugsPro on them, you can isolate outside noise and stay focused on the job in hand. Ordering a pair of SnugsPro as an existing customer means you do not need to leave your home; we have your impressions on file, just order here. You can view our full compatibility list here.

Avoid noise distractions and stay focused with SnugsPro


  1. Set ground rules with others sharing your space

For busier households, it’s important to set ground rules for sharing the work space. If you are working from the kitchen table, you need to ensure that this space is known as a workspace between certain hours, not for a constant flow of traffic to the fridge (tricky, we know).


  1. Take regular breaks


“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither” – Alan Cohen


Rest need only be a 15-minute break; it’s important to take regular breaks so it doesn’t feel like you are working for hours on end. Make a cup of tea/coffee, go into a different room and do something else for 15 minutes. Have a jigsaw puzzle lying around? Do that for a while. Maybe catch up on social media (can be a slippery slope if you start watching Tik Tok videos), or do the dishes, water the plants…however you decide to fill your work breaks, make sure you take them, and you take them in their entirety.


Take regular breaks to do non-work related things Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash


  1. Keep exercising

Being confined to your house is tough. Utilising the once a day outing for exercise currently enforced in the UK is very important; physical exercise helps look after your mental wellbeing, which includes “the ability to deal with the ups and downs of life(1).”

If you are a runner, and you like listening to music whilst you run, then a pair of SnugsGo to help you cover those miles is a must. Ensure your earphones do not fall out, as Snugs custom fit tips stay in no matter how active you are. And the real perk is you can get fitted for SnugsGo at home by taking your ear pictures; you can easily add them to your exercise kit during these challenging times.

Take your ear pictures and get custom fit from home with SnugsGo


Other forms of exercise to help with mental wellbeing include meditation, pilates and yoga. Research suggests that “yoga practices help increase heart rate variability, an indicator of the body’s ability to respond to stress more flexibly.” (2) During these stressful times, the ability for the body to cope is of vital importance. For those wishing to reduce external noise and focus during their yoga sessions, then a pair of SnugsZen is a must. Made from a medical grade soft silicone, they are custom fit to the shape of your ear and reduces outside noise, allowing you to relax the mind and be at one with yourself.


Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges, so relax” – Bryant McGill.


Yoga is a great way to look after your mental wellbeing


So, to summarise, although working from home may seem a bit alien at first, you can do it! We would like to finish off the post expressing our gratitude to the workers who are on the front line, be it helping in health care or working in the supermarkets to ensure that people are still able to get food. We hope everyone stays strong in these challenging times, sticks to the rules and most importantly, stay safe.


1 – Mental Health Foundation, 2020. How to look after your mental health using exercise.

2 – Harvard Health Publishing, last updated May 2018. Yoga for anxiety and depression.


Hearing protection can be a confusing topic.

In fact, the number one thing we are asked at Snugs HQ is “what is the right noise protection for me?”. Or words to that effect (by the way you can call, chat, email or write to us…..not that anyone has ever actually written. That’s all a bit Conan Doyle). You can contact us here


How to choose the right custom fit hearing protection?

The first thing to understand is that one size does NOT fit all. Figuratively or literally.

For a start, not everyone needs to block out the same amount of noise. Musicians in a brass band have totally different requirements to machine operators for instance. So not only are we looking at the amount of noise attenuation (the reduction in noise) – we are looking at the shape of the attenuation curve: the “HML” figures, which will tell whether noise is reduced predominantly in the high frequencies (for instance) or whether attenuation is relatively flat (ideal for musicians).


And then there is the physical fit of your custom ear plug – if you are going to be wearing your hearing protection all day, then you very quickly notice if it is not comfortable. And because you are investing in a custom made product, trusting your supplier and choosing a supplier with a good track record is essential. Snugs work with one of the longest established custom labs in the UK, who also supply the NHS. Between us, we know a thing or two about fitting a good ear plug. And if there are problems, we have a no-quibble replacement guarantee.

The other thing that is important to say about fit – in the context of noise protection – is that this equation applies:


good fit = good protection


After all, a poor fitting noise plug may let sound in. Even worse – if your hearing protection is not comfortable, you may take it out…..when it should be in place, protecting your ears.

Health & Safety and PPE in the workplace is very important. If you are exposed to unsafe levels of noise, ensure you protect your ears. Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash


Over protection: potentially worse than under protection

The concept of overprotection is not widely known, but is hugely important. The ideal hearing protection fit brings noise levels down from unsafe levels (over 85dB) to something that is comfortable to hear and safe – somewhere around 70+dB. This is so that you can maintain communication and awareness of what is going on around you.

So while the thought of reducing noise may seem attractive, it is no safer if you are overprotected and you are reducing your ability to communicate (which means you may be more likely to remove your hearing protection). Possibly more catastrophically, if you are over-protected, you may not hear vital warnings, alarms or other alerts that are also there for your safety.

CAUTION – do not overprotect. You still need to be aware of your surroundings! Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


Check the specs (and markings)

Every custom hearing protector should have a CE mark. The CE certification process is strict and valuable. CE certified hearing protection means you the hearing product you have invested in has been tested to perform and is manufactured in a controlled way.

Colours and things

Whilst it is easy to get very excited about colours, at Snugs, we find that most of our clients stick to standard transparent for leisure purposes (music protection and protection when doing DIY chores), while our industrial hearing protection is usually high-vis orange. If you like to deviate from the norm, our customer services can help.

We also ensure your name is on each earplug and we include a neck strap (lanyard) to keep your hearing protection together and safe.

And anyone who has paid a visit to the doctor after they have put something in their ear as a child will appreciate the grips we put on each earplug so that you can extract them – even while wearing gloves

Music Protection

Snugs custom fit hearing protection in clear

Snugs Work Protection

Snugs Work Protection in high viz orange

Snugs Hearing Protection

Suitable for work, hobby, industry, music and lots more, Snugs hearing protection is CE marked and made in the UK to the highest specifications. The purchase process is simple and quick – just order online and we’ll arrange your visit to one of our impression partners local to you.

Order Snugs Work Protection here

Order Snugs Music Protection here

And as always with Snugs – if there is anything you need to know – just ask us.

So the Apple AirPod Pro’s were released in October last year. Our initial thoughts were we loved the more compact design with the shorter stem, and that they had an air of sophistication about them compared to the previous design. But as we all know, looks are not everything, and for an earphone one of the most important features is sound quality (in our opinion anyway). So on we went to testing…

Firstly, we tried them out with the generic tips, which are supplied in 3 different sizes. We know that people’s ears cannot be placed into 3 different size categories, they are in fact more unique than your fingerprints, but putting that point aside we have to say we were impressed. The sound was good and the earphones felt pretty comfortable and secure. Although we wouldn’t have wanted to test their reliability to stay put with a mad dash across the tube station when trying to reach a train…at the end of the day, there is a risk they could fall out.

Next, we put a pair of SnugsPro custom fit tips on them. To do this you need to remove the generic tips from the AirPod Pro’s which can seem a bit tricky on first attempt as you have to give them a bit of a pull, but the more you do it the easier it gets. We then popped the SnugsPro tips on, lined up the sensors and put them in our ears, pressed play to listen to Billy Eilish No Time to Die and our reaction was…WOW. This is totally awesome. Due to the design of SnugsPro, which are made to the exact shape of your ear and so ensure no sound leaks i.e. provide maximum noise isolation, it means that coupled with the noise cancelling feature of the AirPod Pro’s, you really can cut yourself off from the world and be at one with your music. A whole new listening experience is created as you hear things you hadn’t noticed before, with powerful crystal clear sound and brilliant base. We were certainly blown away. We even had a little listen to a sample of David Attenborough’s Life Stories Audiobook and were instantly soothed by hearing his voice and nothing else…bliss.

Apple AirPod Pro with Translucent Purple SnugsPro


The other feature offered by the Apple AirPod Pro’s is transparency mode, where you let more outside noise in. We have tested SnugsPro with this and the feature still works; you just might not hear as much outside noise at a higher volume than with the generic tips. One point to note is the level of noise isolation that each individual experiences with SnugsPro tips will vary from person to person, and is influenced by factors including depth of ear impression and thickness of skull. So you will have to adjust the volume accordingly, but you can still enjoy transparency mode if this feature is important to you.

So to summarise, if you are an Apple fan and have bought/are looking to buy the AirPod Pro’s, then add some SnugsPro custom fit tips to them and you become the King/Queen of the Pro’s, with the ultimate listening experience. We are certainly big fans at Snugs HQ! You can order your SnugsPro tips here

The full set – Apple AirPod Pro with SnugsPro

Snugs journey began in 2013. Back then, custom fit was available in the form of In-Ear Monitors (IEM’s), used by professionals such as musicians and broadcasters. And the cost was (and still is) pretty eye-watering. You weren’t likely to see someone walking down the street with custom fit earphones.

Cue Paul Jobin, founder and CEO of Snugs; he wanted to create a custom fit tip for his everyday Etymotic earphones (not an IEM). Which he successfully did…as soon as he realised this was possible, a whole world of potential opened up. Snugs could offer a solution to a very common problem – earphones do not fit everyone’s ears, so will fall out, and are uncomfortable. And with many different earphones in the market, Snugs could be made for a multitude of different brands/models.

Additionally, the whole listening experience was turned upside down; Snugs create the perfect seal, so provide noise isolation, and music is directed into your ears in a different way than what generic earphone tips offer (and actually a more safer way, being closer to the ear drum, but that is another blog post). With Snugs, you transform an everyday earphone; you hear things that you had never heard before! You have to hear it to believe it…

So, how do we do it?

The ‘original’ method, and one we use today for our Pro range and Specialist products, is through using your physical ear impressions. This works as follows:

  1. You visit an Audiologist to get your ear impressions
  2. They will pour a silicone mould into your ears, which will go as far as the second bend in your ear – this provides a good, deep impression
  3. 8 – 10 minutes later, once the moulds have set, they are removed and you send them to us
  4. We scan your impressions to create a 3D ear file
  5. This is then ‘modelled’ in our lab, on to your earphone of choice, and through 3D printing, a Snug is born!

The Snug is moulded to your ear only, fits your earphone perfectly and as it is made from a deep impression, provides the maximum noise isolation. Suddenly you fit like a Pro. Look like a Pro. And listen like a Pro.

You can view the full list of earphone choices here that we are able to make SnugsPro for here

Having successfully mastered our Pro range, offering Snugs for over 200 different earphones, including True Wireless products (even more likely to fall out in our opinion!), we wanted to create a choice in the way you are fitted for Snugs. We understand that for many a trip to the Audiologist is not possible in their schedule, or perhaps perceived as intrusive (our ears, like our feet, are not the most attractive thing to think about or look at!). So how to make Snugs available to the many? The solution – by being able to get custom fit from your smartphone, by snapping your ear pictures!

Which sounds simple enough, however there is a lot of tech involved which we have been developing over the last couple of years. And after extensive testing, we launched SnugsGo at the end of 2019. Here is how it works:

  1. You order for your earphones and colours through the web based app, available at
  2. We send you a fitting card, which you use to take your ear pictures
  3. You take your ear pictures and submit these through the custom fit section of the App
  4. We take your ear pictures and measure your ears (lots of clever algorithms involved here!), match them to our ear database, and generate 3D ear files based on these matches
  5. As with SnugsPro, these are then modelled and 3D printed to create your Snugs!


As your SnugsGo 3D files are generated from matches to our database, they are made for your ear shape, so the benefits of Snugs are availed – they fit and do not fall out. They do not however go as deep into your ear canal as our Pro range – this means that if you are looking for the maximum in noise isolation, our Pro range is the choice for you.

So as it stands today, Snugs offer two methods of fitting – Pro, from physical ear impressions, and Go, from your ear pictures. An overview of the difference between the two can be seen here.

The Snugs journey to this point has been interesting and we’ve learnt so much about ears along the way. As technology continues to evolve, so does our business…back in 2013 Paul certainly didn’t think he would be offering a custom fit solution via a quick snap of your ear, which we are very proud to have achieved! And as our journey continues, please join us for the ride…we can assure you that with Snugs, it will be a comfortable ride and the sound quality is great!

As January is finally drawing to a close, the first glimmers of spring are appearing on the horizon…summer plans are starting to be hatched and that means in the UK, the British Festival calendar is going to feature on many people’s 2020 bucket list. Some of you may have even been fortunate enough to have bagged their Glastonbury tickets in the minutes that they sold out (fear not, those who missed out have a second chance for general admission tickets on Sunday 19th April 2020). Whichever festival you are planning to attend, the most important body part for a great experience (in our opinion!) is your ears; after all, if you can’t hear the music properly or your ears are in pain, you won’t have as good a time. With that in mind, you need to look after your ears…

Festivals are noisy places to be, and as a consequence your ears are being exposed to damaging sound waves. Here are some facts about noise levels, in decibels, to have as a comparison:

Normal Talking – 40db to 60db (1)

Rock Concert – 110db to 120db…this can go as high as 140db in front of the speaker (1)

Fireworks Show – 140db to 160db (2)


So if you are raving in front of the speakers for the day at a concert, you are essentially exposing your ears the noise levels of a fireworks display…all day! The immediate effect of this may be a loss of hearing/ringing in your ears, which will fade over time. However, over a period of time, it’s the small hair cells in your inner ear that will get damaged – you can read more about the science behind it in the National Institute of Deafness and other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) article – and there may be long term residual damage to your hearing (2). So for the regular festival goers, it’s important to protect your ears.


Enter hearing protection – or in our case, Snugs Music Protection – which have a filter included in the ear plug which essentially reduces the music volume to a safe level, without compromising on the music quality. So you’ll still be able to listen and have a great time, but safe in the knowledge that your ears are not being damaged in the process. The added bonus with Snugs Music Protection is that they are made from your physical ear impressions i.e. are the exact shape of your ears, so you can wear them all day in comfort, and because they fit, know that no sneaky sounds will be entering your ears as you have the perfect seal.

Snugs Shooting Protection


So if you are attending some festivals this year, definitely consider investing in some ear plugs to protect your ears. Listen safely. Listen with Snugs.


(1) Medline Plus, 2020 –

(2) National Institute of Deafness and other Communication Disorders, May 2019


Once upon a time there was a bunch of people who feared the long winter nights.

Not because of the howling wind or the threat of Mad Auntie Marge and her warming chestnut soup, but because it meant even longer lying awake in bed every night battling poor sleep.

And even if sleep can elude the best of us from time to time, problem sleeping is no fairytale:

  • 38% of UK Adults say they don’t get the right amount of sleep (1)
  • The NHS reports that nearly 1/3 of the UK suffer from insomnia (2)
  • Poor sleep contributing to tiredness, stress, anxiety and relationship issues (3)

What Causes Poor Sleep?

Predictably, there are a lot of reasons for sleep problems, but noise is no-one’s friend when you are trying to sleep. Unsurprisingly Noise is number 2 on the NHS list of contributors to Insomnia (after stress and depression) (4)

The issue is that your hearing has no “off switch”. Unlike our eyelids or tricks we use (a nice comfy bed to sooth our touch sense, for instance), our hearing is working hard throughout the night.

  • This means that some people are kept awake by the slightest night time noise – particularly strange ones, even if they are not threatening.
  • And there are a large number of folk out there who contend with the sounds of a snoring partner. And it does not have to be a foghorn blast to keep you awake.

Eyemasks for Eyes, Sleep Plugs for Ears

Sleep Plugs could be the answer to more effective rest and better sleep. Sometimes called Snore Plugs or Night plugs, Sleep plugs are special ear plugs for wearing at night. Eyemasks for your ears if you will.

Sleep plugs work in 2 ways:

  1. Sleep plugs block out unwanted noise at night (no they don’t block out ALL noise – that would be both dangerous and pretty much impossible)
  2. Sleep plugs can form part of the night time routine to relax and take control of insomnia, helping you relax and switch off

Making a Great Sleep Plug

To be good at blocking out noise, a sleep plug has to fit well – ideally a sleep plug should be custom made for your ears. Besides being custom made and a perfect fit, a quality sleep plug will be made from soft silicone for comfort in the ear. It will be shaped to stay securely in the ear without causing you pain or pressure on the pillow. And preferably, it should be marked with your name or a marker so that you know the left from the right (dusk is not the best time to be fretting about which is which….)

  • Snugs Sleep Plugs tick all of the boxes to be quality sleep plugs:
    • They are made out of super-soft silicone – 25 shore
    • They are made to perfectly fit your ears in one of the leading labs in the UK
    • We shape and carve our Sleep Snugs specially so that they stay perfectly comfortable – even when you are sleeping on your ear

And we are particularly proud of the little touches we add, like the soft “tail” to grab your Snug and pull it out with minimum fuss in the morning. We even give you a nice box for your Snugs that glows gently at night, which we are repeatedly told is very handy indeed for our customers who experience the disorientation of sleeping in Hotels a lot.

So whether you are looking for something to help you combat the noise from your bed-partner every day, or are looking for something to help you sleep on the ‘plane during long flights – or you struggle to sleep in hotels – Sleep Snugs could make a significant difference to your sleep, happiness and productivity.

Widely available from online and from our partners, Sleep Snugs are one of our most popular specialist products – after all: what price a good night’s sleep?



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  2. NHS, 2011 –
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Snugs MD Paul Jobin was at CES Las Vegas last week, offering #SnugsGo as a life-time value proposition to the hearables market.

Paul attended the Wearables Technology Summit and was kindly introduced to all 6 of the outstanding key speakers after the event, who have been gifted a SnugsGo fitting card. We can’t wait to make a set of Snugs for them all as soon as their ear photos have been received.

The hearables market is predicted to reach a staggering $80bn by 2025, driven by our enthusiasm to stream music and learn more about our bodies via the list of ever-growing biometric functions that hearables can offer. During the tech show, Valencell unveiled it’s latest technology which will allow hearables to monitor our blood pressure.

With the increasing functions hearables offer, we mustn’t forget the users experience. Are they comfortable to wear? Do they fit us?

The second biggest announcement within the audio industry was Dirac’s audio enhancement app. The app is designed to pair with your headset and apply specific changes to the headphones, including filter correction and frequency response alterations. We were really impressed by the user experience of their app and think this would be a great partner for Snugs.


Away from our own industry Paul came across loads of marvellous tech. From office bots, a 3D print motorbike, and a hydro-foil bike for cycling on water!


Now Paul’s inner geek has been satisfied, he’s back at Snugs HQ feeling a bit jet lagged but excited for the year ahead…

It’s a New Year, and resolutions have been made. For many, a priority is to burn off those Christmas calories and get fit. Sounds easy in principle, right? However, we know from personal experience this is not the case. Take me for example – I woke up this morning, it was dark, windy and the thought of having an extra half hour in bed snuggled under the duvet seemed very appealing. With great effort, I pushed those thoughts aside, got out of bed and went for a jog. It was only a couple of miles, but it’s a start. And it was made easier by the fact that I was listening to music with my Snugs in, rather than my heavy breathing…

Why we think Snugs are a must-have accessory for exercise

It is highly irritating when your earphones fall out during exercise. You lose your momentum and end up scrambling around in an awkward fashion trying to get the earbud back in whilst still maintaining rhythm. Snugs are the solution to this common problem…as they are custom-fit to the shape of your ear, they will not, and do not, fall out!

Secondly, they are made from a medical grade silicone which is very comfortable to wear in your ear, so ideal for those runners who are training for long hours (hats off to you guys surpassing my two miles!).

If you work out in the gym a lot, you may want to put on your earphones and lose yourself in your music.  SnugsPro offers maximum noise isolation, as these are made from your physical ear impressions, which go deep into your ear canal. Perfect when you want to block out external sound, take on the gym equipment, and not listen to the person puffing away on the treadmill next door.

However, if you are exercising in the great outdoors, which is what I do, then you may want to consider SnugsGo instead (access via your mobile). You will need to take pictures of your ears, which we will match to our database, and make you custom-fit tips from these. However, the difference is they do not go as deep into the ear canal, which means they allow some ambient noise –  important if you are running outside and need to listen for traffic. Or if you live in the countryside, like we do at Snugs HQ on Exmoor, it means you can hear if the cows are following you across the field in a scary fashion (this has been known).



Some earphone recommendations

In order to listen to music, you will of course need a pair of earphones for your Snugs to fit on to. If you already have a pair, you can check compatibility here (insert link).

However, if you are looking to invest in a new pair of earphones, there are some factors we think you need to consider.

When you exercise, you’re going to sweat. You therefore need to have earphones which offer water resistance. Earphones will come with an IP rating which determines how resistant they are to environmental elements. So if you’re going to be sweating it out, you ideally need earphones with an IPX4 and above rating. Although they offer resistance, bear in mind this does not make them waterproof – make sure you wipe down your earphone drivers with a soft, dry lint-free cloth after use.

Other considerations for exercise-suitable earphones are:

  • Good battery life
  • Whether you want wires or not
  • Decent sound quality (which will be enhanced once you have your Snugs on them)
  • Sound isolation
  • Size of your ears. If you have small ears, a big earphone driver is not going to stay in very well – we can of course make you Snugs to overcome this problem, but bear in mind that if you do not have an awful lot of space in your ears, a big earphone driver is not a good choice

There are lots of choices out there, and depending on what you value the most from your earphones will impact on your purchase decision. Here are 3 of our suggestions which you can order as either SnugsPro or SnugsGo:


RHA True Connect (True Wireless)

  • IPX5 water resistance rating
  • Great sound for the price
  • Good battery life – can last up to 5 hours in between charges
  • Retailing on Amazon at £149.95*
  • Bundle option available here on (earphones and a pair of Snugs) for £279.95

Beats by Dr Dre Powerbeats Pro (True Wireless)

  • IPX4 water resistance rating
  • Up to 9 hours battery life out of the charging case. Fast fuel charging, 5 minutes gives you 1.5 hours playback
  • Good sound quality
  • Retailing on Amazon at £219*

Bose SoundSport Free (Wireless)

  • IPX4 water resistance rating
  • Great option if you prefer to have a wire rather than true wireless
  • The remote on the cable is lightweight so will not cause too much movement when exercising
  • One of the best wireless earphones you’ll find for under £150 – Retailing on Amazon at £109.99*


We recommend you have a good look around on the market and read lots of expert reviews before you purchase. Once you have your earphones, we can then make you your custom-fit tips…and you’ll be in the best place possible to play some tunes and achieve those New Year resolutions. Let others witness the fitness!

*prices correct at time of publication

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas office parties are in full swing, you’re popping the trousers on with the elasticated waistband and you’ve put your 5-a-day fruit and veg plan on hold. In your head you had bought all your presents, wrapped them and smugly put them under the tree. You can kick back, relax and enjoy the festive season however you please. You’re ready.

If like some of us at Snugs HQ you are not in this blissful position, and you’re starting to get a mild panicky feeling at the bottom of your stomach about what to buy for your loved ones which doesn’t look like a last-minute grab from the shops, then (we think) a Snugs Gift Card is the perfect solution!

Snugs are custom fit tips made to fit your ears and your ears only – by buying someone some Snugs, you are buying them a gift only they can use…a great way to make that person feel special, even if it does mean you are sacrificing the opportunity to borrow their earphones!

With our range of Snugs, you can find a pair suitable for anyone. Know someone who loves to listen to music in the gym but their earphones keep falling out? They won’t with SnugsPro. Have a friend who loves to go kiteboarding but struggles to keep their earphones in whilst doing tricks? Snugs Aqua will be great for them. Are you accused of keeping your partner up at night because of your snoring? Sleep Snugs can help with that*. Explore the website to see which Snug-solution you could be gifting this Christmas.

The minimum value you can put on the gift card is £10, so you can put any money on it within your budget. And they’ll have plenty of time to redeem as the voucher is valid for a year.

Click here and order by Friday 20th December to guarantee your Gift Card arrives before Christmas. Pop it under the tree knowing you have done good this year!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Snugs Team!


*Do note that they do not completely cut you off from the world and there is no guarantee that you will not hear some external noise! The level of isolation is dependent on a number of factors including thickness of skull and depth of ear impression.