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Wow! They are so good! Extremely impressed.
Jasmine Sommers, UWE Student

I’m about to spend over 13 hours in the air to Kuala Lumpur. Thank heaven for my @Snugsearphones.
Tom Herbert, Fabulous Baker Brothers

“Simply the best I’ve ever tried”
Jonathan Margolis, Tech Guru at Financial Times

Thank you SNUGS. Haven’t just met expectations, you’ve hit them out of the park. Highly recommened for music lovers!!
Stephen Tipper

The SNUGS are great thanks, It’s noticeable how much lower you can have the volume because there’s no other external sound to compete with. Thanks again
Colin Gee

After a period of testing the SNUGS extensively I am satisfied that they indeed do make a significant increment to the sound quality of my Hifiman RE-262s. It did take a bit of getting used to putting them on, but I am quite comfortable with them now. I am happy that I have made this investment.
Timothy Lim, Bath Uni. Postgraduate student

Just to let you know that the E10’s arrived just after your email! Thank you very much, we love them! Really comfortable, great sound and we both found them really easy to get in and out too. What a great product! Thanks again, love the snugs and the new packaging.
Phill Beynon, Noiseboys.co.uk

Got these little beauty’s today from Snugs By House of Treborough They’ve got a fantastic sound and are really comfortable, they dont fall out like my other useless set of earphones either…bonus!
Fin Davies

Comfort – they’re great. Noise Isolation – this is impressive and I like it! Sound – the sound is crystal clear
Joe Tuckwell , Bath

They sound fab.
Chris Hammond , London

I want to give you a full bit of feedback on my brilliant SNUGS. Thank you so much! Overall: They are great. The quality, the snug-ness – LOVE it. Took me a bit of time to make them work properly though, mainly through my idiocy… did L/R wrong first time (doh) and then didn’t squidge them in enough. When I did work it out, they were amazing. I particularly like them when I am working in cafes – they are so good at blocking out the distractions and allowing me to enjoy the music/R4! Thank you again for my Supersonic SuperPhonic Snugs!
Sophie Devonshire, London

I’m happily working in a café all Snugged up… which is good because the woman behind me is playing youtube videos very loudly to her boyfriend.
Sophie Devonshire, London

OMG… just come back from Portugal avec les Snugs… Imagine my horror when the young mum plus the unhappiest/noisiest baby in the world plus MacDonalds burger plus shake plus baby gear plus mobile arrived and sat behind me. Thank the Lord for my snugs and (again) Pink Floyd and the Boss… I didn’t even hear a murmur or a scream but everyone else could!!!
Robert Craven

Panic over… Came home from a wedding and put my SNUGS in a safe place… but could I find them??? At last I have found them… Suddenly realise how dependent on them I have become when travelling and using my phone!!!
Robert Craven

The sound isolation is unbelievable… joy of joy… just remarkable… I even missed the train conductor calling out my station and nearly went sailing past……
Robert Craven

I can confirm they are great. They stay put no matter what I’m doing and the sound quality of the Jaybuds has been dramatically improved due to the external noise isolation they afford. Many thanks
Alasdair Cameron